LV Audra Bag

  1. I just bought this beautiful LV Audra bag a couple of days ago and was wondering if contains serial number or production date and where I can find it. I know it authentic because I bought it @ Holt Renfrew. Do all LV bags have #'s or not?

    Below is a link of a pic of the purse:
    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - LV Multicolor Audra

  2. All LVs will have a number, not sure where it is on the Audra though. It's usually in the bag, behind a pocket on a tab somewhere...
    You'll prob have better luck posting this in the LV forum.
  3. I'll move this to the LV Forum for you . . .
  4. should be along the seam of the inside pocket.
  5. Some vintage Louis Vuitton bags don't have date codes. But anyways, congrats on your purchase ! :yes:
  6. I hope this helps, Jazzie. ;)

  7. Your bag is so adorable! I love chain bags. :heart:
  8. Thank you for all those who replied....
    But I still can't find it. Is it possible that it doesn't have one? It's my first LV purchase so I want to know as much about my new baby!

    I was wondering if I can or should spray anything on the canvas to protect it? And if I do spray anything on it, would I still be able to use an erasure on the corners after being sprayed? I've been going through the forum and there are a lot of great suggestions out there...I'm just a little paranoid with it being a White MC and all...

  9. It will be hard to see, YES it will have one. You will need to either get a flash light or stand near a window/light to see it.
    Because its imposed along the seam its hard to see. You will almost have to sure the pocket inside out (so to speak) to see it.

    Some times its so close to the seam its very hard to see or read.

  10. Beautiful bag! Wow!
  11. WOW look at the price too! :nuts:
  12. *congratulations*
    That bag is very cute!! Do you love it, does it have enough room for everyday stuff or is it more of a going out type of bag?
  13. OMG! I found it! Thank you Bag Fetish and John5. I kept looking for it at the top seam horizontally. That pic really help Bag Fetish. Plus with having the ruby alcantara lining, it was a little bit harder.

    Yes, I LOVE this bag -- it my 1st LV purchase, Taco! I have been using the bag everyday since i got it almost 3 weeks ago. It has 2 compartments so it makes it easy to find and store things in it. Also, depending on the type/size of bag I'm carrying, I try to limit what inside it. Since I've been using this bag, I only carry wallet, cell, lip gloss, eye drops, mirror, staedtler white eraser (for the cowhide corners), and a plastic bag (in case it rains).
  14. It's such a unique and timeless style both! Congrats on your first LV, jazzie!
  15. Thanks Jazzie, it sounds perfect. Enjoy!