LV Atlantic City

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  1. I'm going to be going to LV in Atlantic City with my mom and boyfriend in the middle of March. I was just wondering for people who have been to this particular store.. is it big and is there a large selection of bags?

    For those of you have been to other LVs in New Jersey how does it compare to LV Short Hills or LV in the Shops at Riverside?

    I don't want to get my hopes up and then be disappointed if it's really small. :crybaby:

    Thanks in advance!
  2. it is a huge store. they have lots of bags. i have been there a million times. lots of shoes, sunglasses, everything but clothes. but just one thing everytime i have been there i was treated so rude and i spend a ton of money. i just want to slap the sa' there. and they never know anything if you ask for something. but besides that it is great. also the mall is great also. you can spend alot there. have fun
  3. It's a nice, big store with a great selection. I haven't been to Short Hills in years, but if I recall correctly, the AC store is much larger. As for the SAs, my experiences have all been very positive, with one exception. Last year, I returned a Neverfull because it had a few problems. This particular SA (a petite blonde), who had always been very nice in the past, just did not want to hear about it. I exchanged it for a BV, and she put it into a bag (without letting me see it) and shoved it at me. As it turned out, the BV had a very tiny slash in the vachetta, so I returned it as well. The next SA, another petite blonde, was extremely nice and apologetic about the exchange. I have been to that store many times, and the rude SA was the exception to the rule. I will say, however, to scrutinize your purchases. I've found a lot of defects in the bags from AC.
  4. It's a nice store to go to and they have a great selection of items, but the SA's are not the most friendly SA's that I have ever dealt with.
    It is fun to look around there though.