LV at Work

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  1. My mother was a teacher in an elementary school for over 17 years, and we had a lock installed on a drawer as she had her purse and wallet stolen more than once - very good school in a very good neighborhood too.

    If your purse is going to be out of sight, lock it up.
  2. I usually put it in my drawer or underneath my desk, on top of some big folders :P
  3. I must say I work in a factory and can leave a bag with a purses cards and keys inside on the canteen table or locker room and no one would take it or look in it.:tup:
  4. I'm lucky to have my own office at work. I was keeping my bags in a lower drawer of my filing cabinet but too many of them had to be squished. They are now kep in the file drawers over my desk. I keep the cabinet closed but the bags are standing upright. It's awesome because they look like they are on "display" everytime I open the drawer. :tup:
  5. I keep mine in an unlocked cupboard in my classroom. I do, however, lock my classroom doors all the time when I am out of my classroom.