LV at Work

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  1. New here. Hello everyone!

    Anyways, where do you stash your bag at work? I'd especially like to hear from folks who aren't at a desk all day (I'm a teacher) or who don't have a lot of places to "hide" a bag. Thanks.
  2. teachers lounge? lol
  3. I'm one of these lucky people that has a drawer at my desk to hide my LVs. :P
  4. I'm a teacher and I have a locking cabinet that I put it in. I always lock my bag and other personal stuff. I teach High School and things get stolen all the time. If you dont have a cabinet or lockers that lock, then I would suggest a desk drawer or something else hidden.
  5. Lol, um, teacher's lounge is OUT for sure. I can't even be sure that my lunch won't get stolen in there (it's happened twice this year).
  6. i may have to look into buying a locker for myself since I have nothing in my room that locks. No desk drawers (literally), no filing cabinet. Nothing. Yay for working in an underfunded county. Anyways, I think that'll end up being the best option.
  7. I am a teacher also, and I have a locking file cabinet as well as desk drawer where I put my bags. I am not to concerned about my bags (since I work in a HE area). However, last year I was in a lower economic area, and had to leave my bags at home. I cannot imagine taking my purse to the HS. I worked there for a while and was amazed at how often things disappeared (partly because I think the students know what stuff was worth!). If you cannot lock it up, I would leave it at home.
  8. I agree with the above poster, put in a locked cabinet. If you don't have one, just leave it at home and not risk having someone stealing it from you.
  9. I just leave it on my desk or sometimes I put it in a drawer
  10. I've decided to stop carrying LV when I "work" in the hospital... (actually it's school for me)

    I used to feel awkward sans LV, but now... I'm kinda shocked by my own actions... :shrugs:
  11. I often work client locations M-F, where I have no real space to call my own, so most often my LV is in a spare chair in the conference room, just sitting on the desk top or sitting on the floor in a corner. (NOTE: just to be clear 'corner floor sitting' means Pegase 60 on the floor with LV laptop bag or purse piled on top! :smile:)

    Rarely do I have a place to 'hide' my LV, so I don't. But it's not ever been a problem in the office settings that I have been in. It might be very different in a different setting such as a school.
  12. Sorry, I am one of those office type people who puts her bag under her desk...
  13. l would not take the chance...we have a number code on our door, so mine are safe x
  14. I am barely at my desk too. My bag is inside the cabinet at my workstation which I do not lock, sometimes on the chair. I've got great honest colleagues.
  15. I put it in the corner on a small chair. I am a teacher too (elementary). I also carry it when I take the students to my preps and lunch.