LV at work - which bag should I get?

  1. Hi there!

    I lurk often but this is my first post :yes: I'm treating myself to a new bag this weekend, and would like one that I can use as a work bag. I have 2 questions:

    1) What do you think about LV at work? Do you think this is unprofessional? Mine would be the only LV in the (very large) building (as far as I know). While I don't necessarily "care about what others think about me," I also don't want to develop an unsavory reputation that may negatively impact my career. I work in research, not exactly a field in which one finds an appreciation for such things. :s

    2) What bag should I get? :heart:

  2. Welcome to TPF! I would get something in EPI (Speedy, Alma, Passy), Damier (Berkeley, Alma, Saleya) or Suhali (lockit). This is what I carry to work and it is really understated and people don't even recognize it as LV. They comment on them though! LOL Good lucj and let us know what you get!
  3. ^Totally agree with this one. Get an LV that doesn't look "typically" LV because those don't have the traditional monogram.
  4. hello and welcome!!

    ^im going to agree also! EPI or Damier definatly!

    let us know what you decide to get!!!! have fun shopping!!!
  5. Epi Speedy
    Suhali Lockit
    Damier Saleya
  6. for work i have an epi speedy in blk and a mono backpack from a while ago called the marelle sac a dos.
  7. I have a Batignolles Horizontal for work. I love it. I don't care what others think of it.
  8. What's unprofessional about carrying LV? I wouldn't carry a multicolore to work in a very conservative field because it's a bit too flamboyant, but I don't see why carrying an LV bag should be regarded as unprofessional ... let alone give you an unsavory reputation. :confused1:
  9. you can get something a little less obviously LV, like from the Epi, Damier and Suhali line. i personally use my Monogram bags as well as my Damier and Suhali bags, and nobody really says anything about them except that 'it's nice'. there's nothing unprofessional about it

    the Sac Plat in Damier or Epi would be nice, or the Damier Duomo. the Suhali Lockit is also nice, if you want to splurge :p
  10. Hi and welcome! For a work environment I would suggest something like Damier or Epi! Very understated, not so much in-your-face like the traditional monogram canvas! Plus I think the Epi comes in pieces which just look more professional!
  11. The black Epi Passy GM or if you can splurge, the Suhali Black Lockit MM.
  12. I think the Epis are very professional looking, and the Suhali lockits too :smile:
  13. My BH is very perfect for everyday at work! Even when I'm on a day out with my baby girl! :biggrin:
  14. I agree, some non-monogram such as Epi will give you a nice, professional bag without drawing too much attention. Only LV fans would know that's what it was. What about a Passy?
  15. An Epi or Damier speedy for work :smile: And welcome!