LV at Tori's estate sale...

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  1. Anyone else see all the LV Tori sold at her estate sale last weekend? I saw on tv a guy come out with 2-3 luggage pieces and then a girl with another piece of LV luggage....I wonder how much LV she sold!!! Wish I was there to get my hands on some of her LV's!!!
  2. I seen it too, wish I was there ;)
  3. She's been selling some of her LV at Ebay. They didn't get sold that high considering with her "name tag"
  4. I don't understand why she is selling her things. I know she got shafted on her
    Father's estate.. but she did get $800,000.00 didn't she? One would think you could live comfortably on that sum of money if you are smart.

  5. I think it's for the show she's doing in order to get more publicity and more intersting :P
  6. I saw the guy on tv walking out with the three pieces of luggage...all for $1600! I think she was selling stuff so she could redecorate. Her style was more shabby chic and I think she wanted more modern now that her baby was coming.

  7. :yes::yes::yes: ITA.. it has to be that. What little return she would receive off selling LV's in a yard sale would not improve her financial status.:yes:
  8. The operative phrase there is "if you are smart" and sadly, I don't think Tori would qualify.;)
  9. Wha a nice haul!! :nuts:
  10. Nita's right, it's publicity. At the same time, considering how she grew up I doubt if $800k is enough for her. She's never been a blockbuster actress anyway.
  11. is she still filming that noTorious show? or whatever it was called ?

    you think her Mom would toss her a couple of bucks to not shame the family in this way
  12. I sadly agree. $800K isn't enough for some people.:sad:
  13. I believe that got cancelled. I saw the "complete" DVD set on a commercial.
  14. I heard that there were people filming her new reality show she is filming with her husband. Only $1600 for those 3 pieces of luggage - wow, doens't that seem cheap? From what I can remember they were 3 decent size pieces of luggage - what a steal to the buyer!!

    ...oh yea, her style used to be shabby sheak - now she said in an interview that she has gone modern.
  15. She is opening a bed & breakfast with her hubby and they are documenting that and her pregnancy!