LV at the workplace

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  1. I saw a video of a social media influencers who said it’s not smart to wear luxury goods to work and gave her reasons. I don’t disagree that wearing a luxury purse to work is faux pas, because I wouldn’t want anyone to think I make a lot of money. And if they did, I wouldn’t want that to affect my bonus.

    But in retrospect, I don’t think it should matter what I wear to work - right? I wear it to motivate me to work harder, and I’m not doing it to be gaudy.

    What are your thoughts on luxury goods at the workplace? (I work primarily at an office setting)
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    I would not wear designer anything to an interview that is not in the fashion industry.

    I’ve always carried my designer handbags to work, worn designer scarves, brooches, shoes, etc. It’s no ones business what I make and vice versa. Life is short so I am going to always do what I like. Should people also park across the street to avoid others seeing their luxury cars?
    Every day is a special occasion and if I want to wear a designer or non-designer item to work, then I’ll do just that. BTW, our CFO has several Capucines and Louboutins.

    Also, I don’t believe in social media influencers. A large percentage of them are living facades.
  3. Your bonus is dependent on how much you make and where you spend it? From where I'm from, its about performance.
  4. If it did affect my bonus I don’t care. It shouldn’t. I think my employer has enough integrity to not allow it to be a factor. I wear a significant ering. People sometimes comment but mostly they’ve gotten used to it. And whatever they think it doesn’t matter enough to make me change my behavior. I’m too old for this petty stuff.
  5. I can imagine that in smaller companies a bonus/pay rise is up to manager's/owner discretion and therefore wearing luxury goods COULD give a wrong message. However (as much as I understand it's not easy) would say - run away from a toxic place where your spending or wealth of your spouse or eg. the fact that somebody has kids and you don't will decide about your compensation. My employer (large bank) set a pretty clear expectations regarding bonus ranges and outfit/bags have nothing to do with it.
    If the influencer you watched was Sophie Shohet, I think it's IMO inconsistent for her to advise not to wear lux bags to work (as she does) and then display enormous wealth on youtube to be followed by like 300k. Surely her manager and colleagues would get the memo ;)
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  6. Now it might be different for me since I work under a "regional municipal body" and my-/my co-workers salaries are all tax-funded so there's no hush hush about our wages, but I find this way of thinking to be very.. sad.
    I get all of my UPS packages delivered to my workplace since I have a "9-5" job and I'm never home for deliveries. Whenever I get a package delivered my co-workers are always excited and want to see what I've bought and how much money I've spent on it. None of them buy designer items themselves, but they love to have a look and a feel anyways. We all have different lifestyles, have different interests and prioritise differently - some put all of their money on savings for a bigger house, some for trips, some for a new car - why should I have to hide the fact that I spend some of my own hard earned money on designer items? Some might judge you yes but in the end it's your money, not theirs. If your choice to wear designer items affects any bonuses or future pay raise then it's just plain discrimination. You shouldn't be "punished" for spending your money on things you like since no one else would be.
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  7. It depends on your job and the culture at your company... this has been discussed a million times.
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  8. I do find these discussions interesting. We have members here living in so many different countries and who have so many different jobs so there will always be new takes on the issue.

    I came to work today with my LV SLGs tucked away in my ski jacket. I'm wearing a cheap dress with a clic bracelet from Hermès, my watch isn't cheap and then since I stand at my desk I wear Birkenstocks. My CXO uses a cheap bag but many others have designer bags. I'm glad to be working in a relaxed environment where nobody seems to mind either way.
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  9. I'm nearly the total 360 on this discussion. I work in a very relaxed office, nearly too relaxed, everyone is on a good salary(ignoring the few interns and graduates) but to look around at how people dress, honestly you'd feel like giving them money!!! I often wonder what people spend their money on as it isnt clothes, handbags or jewellery.

    Personally for interviews i wouldn't wear anything screaming designer, but to work i wear what i feel like putting on that day. i give zero F's on someone elses opinion of how i spend my money. I am very much into being aware of cost per wear for items, i like to mind my items but also enjoy them.
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  10. I saw that video last week, and had the same take away!

    there’s some associates with LV in my building but not that many. None of my immediate coworkers wear designer, and I do feel self conscious. I stopped wearing my LV to work and instead use Tory Burch bags. In the end, I only have 3 LV bags and they are special to they are more weekend bags.
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  11. I had a poor experience just today at work that relates directly to this topic. I’m a teacher, so of course, everyone knows we are not making lavish paychecks. But I’ve saved for years and tutored and worked side jobs to afford my small luxury collection. With that said, people only judge what they can directly see and that is a teacher carrying a Louis Vuitton. No one is going to ask me how I got the bags. Another teacher today just made a not so nice remark towards me when I told a coworker what perfume I was wearing when she asked about it (“Louis Vuitton, Coeur Battant” was my reply). Their response was “Of course it is...” and man, that hit me in the gut for some reason. Made me feel quite small. But I’m super sensitive. I’m sure I just need to grow up and not care. As always though, that’s easier said than done. So now, I’ve regretted ever bringing my handbags to work.
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  12. Ask for a sample of the perfume next time you are at the LV store and bring it to her as a gift since she seemed to like it before she knew what it was. Kindness wins!
  13. the likelihood is you made that person reflect how small they feel. You sound mindful but know resentment is everywhere. Next time, humbly reply “The name escapes me”.
  14. I would only do that with friends. I would against giving anything mid or above designer to a coworker. I think it would reinforce the resentment, smaller feeling, or worst - create charity case.
  15. ... that was the whole point.
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