LV at the Open Golf Championship

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  1. Just been watching the Open Golf Championship on TV and saw 2 LV's:drool:

    The wife of the joint leader had a Mono Pouchette (it might have been the perfo pouchette, I couldn't quite see) and her companion had a Mini Pleaty.

    LV looks great even when worn with an anorak:supacool: in chilly Scotland.
  2. Dang...I was watching and totally missed it ('s golf, so I wasn't really paying that much attention LOL)!
  3. Lol good eye!
    Lv spotting is a sport of it's own!
  4. Padraig's wife? Or someone else? I missed it!
  5. Padriag's wife had the Pouchette & her companion had the Mini Pleaty.

    Pleased for Padriag as he seems a nice guy (& his wife has good taste:tup:) but sad for poor Sergio as he was leading for the first 3 days.
  6. I might have to start watching golf!
  7. haha ur so cute!!! i love how u spotted a lv and got so excited!
  8. Oh how cool.
  9. Stumbled upon a couple of was a Perfo Pochette after all!


    caroline.JPG caroline2.JPG
  10. How cute is that?
  11. I can't believe you spotted that!!! Mind you, my hubby is always getting upset with me when we watch films and things because I always forget the action and spot the designer bag!!! I just can't help it.

    I'm sure she's now thinking - with all that winner's money he can buy me another LV now!!!! and his son probably wants a Wii (if he doesn't have one!) so he play golf on it with his dad.
  12. ^^ haha :true: i'm always excited to see others carrying LV as well.