LV at the new Bloomingdale's in SF?

  1. I haven't found any posts on this yet--sorry if I missed it :shame:

    It looks like there will be a new place to buy LV in San Francisco:

    Bloomingdale's Happening SF

    (you have to click on "Hot Designers & More")

    Has anyone else heard this? I am so excited--I have a bunch of Bloomingdale's gift cards :wlae:
  2. oh wow!! thanks for the info!! I can't wait till bloomies and the new mall extension opens!
  3. i heard about this too...can't wait!
  4. Yesterday, one of the SAs at the Santa Clara store told me that she is moving to the SF location at Bloomingdales and that it opens Sept 28th.
  5. ^^ Who's leaving Valley Fair?
  6. Shari Nadal. Just met her yesterday; she was super nice and really knew her stuff.
  7. Yay! I can't wait for it to open. On the 28th I happened to sign up for a free La Prairie facial at Nordstrom there. It's going to be NUTS.
  8. Vuitton and La Prairie in one day...lucky lady!
    Am a huge fan of La Prairie and their caviar facials. I swear they are my secret for looking under 40. :smile:
  9. yayyyyy! I can't wait for Bloomies to open, and now that LV is going to be in there, it will be even better! So does Bloomies have sale events like Macy's does, like when they offer you 10% off your first purchase with credit card, etc.? That would be so cool!

  10. ooo I never thought about that!! good idea!
  11. So I wonder what'll happen with the one down here.
    Then again, we already have one in the NM and an actual boutique so I doubt they'll put one in the new Bloomies as well.

  12. What's strange about the choice to put LV in Bloomies is that we have a flagship LV store on Union Square, and not more than a hundred feet from this store is Neiman Marcus, which also has an LV boutique. Bloomies will be about three blocks from both of these.

    I'm just excited thinking about the prospect of Bloomies discounts, AND, with my membership points from my AMEX, I could get Bloomies gift cards!!!!

  13. Yay!!! New Bloomie's and MORE LV!!! I'm uber-excited!
  15. Yay yay yay =] I got my special invitation to go to Bloomingdales the day before it offically opens. LV here I comeeeeeeee.