LV at the casinos

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  1. What are your thoughts and/or experiences? I'm going to Vegas in a couple of weeks and I'm not sure I want to take my LV's. I don't want smoky smell on them! For those of you who have been to Vegas with your LV's, did you have any problem with smoky smell after you got back home??

    FWIW, I only have three LV's: monogram Speedy, ebene mini-lin Noe, and a black epi Madeleine PM. I'm thinking that the mini-lin would be better left at home as I would think it would absorb the most smoky smell -- don't you think?? Thoughts? I know, you've got to live life and use your things, but I really would like to hear of any casino experiences, positive or negative.

  2. I took my Speedy to Vegas, and I do Atlantic City often because it's only a 45min drive. I've also taken my Pochette Marly. I would be careful with the Mini Lin. I think it would absorb odors.
  3. I only take smaller bags when I go places like that. I took my MC Eliza and didn't have a problem. Seems like there's not as much smoking as there used to be.
  4. I took my mini lin croisette speedy to Vegas and it didn't absorb any cigarette odors at all. However, I think next time when I do go down there again, I don't plan to bring my LV. I think it's too much hassle.
  5. I go to Vegas all the time. I take my LV's and Chanels. Truly, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Take them and enjoy your trip!
  6. For my 21st birthday, I took my mono Speedy 25 to Atlantic City and thought nothing of it.. I didn't feel uneasy having it there, the only thing is yes the smoke stinks but if your bag happens to be in the near vicinity of a smoker, I don't think it's permanent... my bag did not smell smoky at all the next day, so I vote yes, bring your LV baby!
  7. I hate smoke but I wouldn't think twice. I've brought my nice bags to Vegas, smokey bars, etc. I wouldn't worry about it at all.
  8. My main worry when carrying LV bags inside casinos is not the smoking, but the large number of people walking around with drinks in their hands. I'm always afraid someone will bump into me and spill something on my bag. I try to walk through as quickly as possible and avoid overly crowded areas. I don't think you'll have a problem as long as you're reasonably careful.
  9. Maybe the epi because you can put in over shoulder? I guess it depends on what you're going to do. When I go, I like to be "hands free".
  10. I have taken my LV's to Vegas and haven't had any problems with smells. I would recommend taking a shoulder bag as the speedy would become a pain with all the walking and what not. Have fun!
  11. I took my croissant pochette to a casino before and it did not smell of smoke after, but my hair did! YUCK. And no, I don't smoke.
  12. Same here, I took my Viva Cite MM when I went last summer and it was really nice and easy to carry.
    It didn't smell afterwards though...I mean yeah if all you're going to be doing is sitting around playing slots or table games for hours then I think it would smell. But just walking through a few times won't do anything.
  13. what's the point of having beautiful bags and dont take them out when you r enjoying ur trip?! so, ill say go for it, bring any lv you like. but be careful of thief.
  14. I take bags that I can wipe off "just in case" ... cigarette smoke is horrendous in the casinos and we eat at the buffets, God forbid my bag gets spilt on by me or another klutz ... lol!
  15. I normally carry my pochette, it fits over my shoulder perfectly, doesn't get in the way when I'm sitting at a tight blackjack or roulette table, and holds chips, my lipgloss, ID, and roomkey perfectly