LV... at the beach?

  1. Arrived yesterday with the family (and more cousins are coming today) to Long Beach Island, NJ. The theme of everything here is C-A-S-U-A-L, and yet, between lunch at an outdoor boardwalk kinda grill and dinner late last night in a local diner-type place, what did I spy? Not 1, not 2, but THREE LV's! Okay, one I really think was probably a fake, but the other two looked pretty good from where I was sitting. One, in fact, was an old Alma, kinda beat up, carried by a girl who looked no more than 19. I'm guessing it was a hand-me-down from her mother or someone. That looked sweet. But, the others? IMHO you have to be nuts to take your good LV with you on a vacation like this. Sand, sunlotion, and saltwater is EVERYWHERE, and you're walking around and in eating in crowded and not always perfectly clean places. I don't want my LV's here! I brought along a trusty old backpack to haul stuff to the beach and an old black canvas print Dooney Sac Bag with a black leather Dooney wallet for "purse times." I mean, I'm spending the week pretty much in a bathing suit and a coverup the whole time!

    So, what do you think... LV at the beach? :tup:Yay or :tdown:Nay?
  2. I agree that a low mantinence bag may be better but I wouldn't rule out my Speedy completley as it'd be a nice accessory for a meal afterwards :smile:
  3. i have taken my lv's to beach/board walk type of places. I use my ambre cabas as a beach tote, and often carry my speedy.
  4. Nay! I would never bring my LVs to the beach!!!! I think it's funny how LV/e-luxury advertises the Neverfull as a beach tote. I also do not bring LV to amusement parks but I do see alot of people who do! (Ok... I have brought my LV wallet to Disneyland, but I placed it in a plastic sandwich bag inside my nylon backpack just in case we went on a ride that had water (Splash Mtn, Matterhorn.)
  5. I took my mini pleaty to santa monica pier yesterday :shame:
  6. it's up to the person if they want to bring it...i don't see nothing wrong
  7. I bring my LV's everywhere. MC Alma to Houston Texans games, MC Speedy to Astros games, bars, I figure I have them need to use them!!!
  8. i take my speedy everywhere with me but i wouldnt take it to the beach. it comes on holiday but just a carryon and for shopping days. it would never enter a theme park either.
  9. I have an older mono pochette accessoires that I use for the beach. I'm sure there's suntan lotion on the strap, but the patina looks great on it, and it has held up for a few years now.
  10. Nah, I wouldn't take it to the beach much for the same reasons you wouldn't.
  11. We live really close to Kailua Beach on Oahu and we spot LV at the beach on a fairly regular basis. I don't bring it myself, but there is always a tourist that brings one.
  12. You have to remember a lot of people on LBI are from other places on vacation or at their summer home. It is just another place for most and they don't need to change their bags. I do take my LV to the boardwalk, ect....I would never take it to the beach on the sand but walking around town is no big deal. I also walk around Seaside and Point Pleasant boardwalk with my LV.....never had a problem
  13. I totally agree!!!:yes:
  14. I take my Mono Speedy to the beach all the time. He sits right there on the sand right next to my chair. I dont baby my bags at all. IMO, they are for my use and enjoyment. I don't anticipate ever wanting to sell my bags though, so it is a personal choice.
  15. I'm too clumsy and scared to bring my LV at the beach. I suffered already about two weeks ago when I got rain on with my mono mini josephine in cherry. Thank goodness, no water stain.