LV at the beach

  1. Wow! This morning at Kailua beach, I saw 3 different people carrying their LV bags. A Damier Papillon, a Damier Belem MM and a Mono Saumur.

    I've never taken LV to the beach...

    Are there any other places where you were surprised to see LV?
  2. can't say that i've ever seen any at the beach (not that i go to the beach a lot. bad hawaii girl here lol).

    hmmm i don't think i've encountered LV in a weird place yet. though i've seen LV sold in weird places (in japan).
  3. Amusement parks - if you go on a water ride attraction, you definately don't want to carry your LV purse!!!
  4. I can't get over the LV at the beach!!!
  5. I definitely wouldn't carry my LV to the beach, not with all the water and sand.
  6. I wouldn't ever carry LV at the beach either. My stuff always ends up wet and sandy.
  7. I would never take my LV to amusement parks unless it was like a pochette or something...why waste time worrying about your bag when you could be having fun!!
  8. ^^^okay, that's true, I may take a pochette...but that's about it! I just reread the OP and it said a Belem?! What in the world is such an expensive bag doing at the beach?!
  9. Hah I took my Miroir Speedy (and I've taken others like my BH and Damier Speedy) to Disneyland. But one major thing was that I was with my parents. I go on maybe ONE ride with them there since they're not into rides. The ride we went on was Pirates, but I had asked for a big plastic bag at one of the stores there and put my bag in it when we went on the ride. There wasn't even much water anyway.
    When I'm with my friends though, it's a different story..then I take my Damier Speedy. Nothing to worry about there.
  10. Haha I was thinking about you because I've seen your pix posted with you at Amusement Parks and your lovely bags!!!! I guess Damier is another good choice for going out into the elements.
  11. That's really surprising when you told us that today. Although, I admit I did take my cabas mezzo once :push: but I didn't go in the water or anything, it was just to hang out with friends on the sand.
  12. Lol. When I'm with my parents it's no big deal because we do more relaxing and shopping at the theme parks. But when I'm with my friends and we're going on a lot of rides, I don't want to worry about my bag. So I go for something zippered and easy to deal with, which is most often my Damier Speedy haha.:p
  13. I wouldn't carry my LV to the beach either :yes: don't you all feel sticky after awhile on the beach? I don't want my LV feel sticky after that tho'
  14. Well I might throw a pochette into my beach tote, but I'd never bring one of my large LV bags to the beach, even the rugged Saleya PM. Too much risk of salt water, sand, suntan lotion, spills, etc. Why worry? I'll bring a small no-name bag and put it in my adorable Felix Rey straw tote any day ;)
  15. Well in one of the ads for the denim patchwork speedy, it was sitting on the beach!

    And I can totally imagine Azur at the beach!