LV at...Salvation Army?

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  1. One of my friends found herself a Speedy at our local Salvation Army store. We live in an area that has well-off people so it's quite believable that the product is authentic. The woman had told her they were not sure if it was authentic. It has the strip at the bottom and both sides have LVs facing up. The inside says 'Fr...(faded)' on a piece of fabric.

    I feel that it may be a French Company speedy but I cannot say as I have not seen one IRL. The handles are not as dark on top as older Speedys get (even color throughout), though the monogram is faded in places. She said she got it for $4.50!

    Do stores authenticate items? She really wants to get it refurbished.
  2. oh wow...i would love to see pics to see if it is authentic! But for 4.50 I'd take the chance too LOL
  3. OMG that is like my ultimate dream lol! That I will walk in one day and there will be a designer bag for me lol im such a loser :push: :shame:
  4. :nuts: What a bargain! Sounds like French Co. Speedy to me.
  5. Yeah it happens here in the UK too an Oxfam store in Cheshire gets all the Footballer's wives "old" clothes and accessories including bags. Ive been told there are LV wallets and Chanel clutch's. There is also a waiting list for a Chloe paddington, Its mad since its a Charity store But Victoria Beckhams body guards are said to drop things off discreetly LOL
  6. too god to be true must be a fake but will have to see pics to make a dicition...
  7. WOW!!!! if that was true, then HOLY CRAP!!
  8. I saw a very old beat up authentic lv once at the a thrift store...It was 39.99 plus 50 percent off that but it was soooo old I didn't even bother. I went back there 2 days later to see if they had other bags and the bag was gone...someone actually bought it.
  9. I thought so too. I'll try to get some pics. My friend is an avid bargain hunter and dresses very stylishy in vintage thrift store items so she's always in and out of the store.

    The neighbourhood I live in is pretty much old-fashioned old money type. Nothing flashy, no LVs to be seen on anyone. People are really well off though they don't display it much.
  10. See if you can post pics- I'm sure we could help you out. (it does sound like a French Co. though, esp. with the non-vachetta handles)
  11. It's quite possible that the bag your friend bought is an authentic speedy by French Co. I have a friend who knows nothing about designer goods (she just doesn't care) and she almost sent three vintage LV luggage pieces to a place that recycles household items because she thought they were JUST her mother's old suitcases. I told her to sell them on eBay instead!:nuts:

  12. hahaaa, I think the same thing!!

    you're friend was lucky!! :yes:
  13. wow if it is real what a steal!
  14. oh...this is how I found out about this thrift store having authentic of my customers was carrying a petite noe and I had asked her how long she had it...she told me she got it at this thrift store for 35 bucks and I was like looks great still...she was like yeah...the only thing wrong with it was that the zipper pull was torn but she got it replaced for 40 bucks....What A STEAL!!!! so every once in a while I go to look, and they always have coach and dooney and gucci...I BOUGHT AN AUTHENTIC GUCCI MADE IN THE EIGHTY'S FOR TEN BUCKS HAHAH...
  15. I have seen authentic at our local goodwill, but in our area, they are priced accordingly. I saw a pouchette toile for about 125.00 most recently.