LV at Saks

  1. Since my Saks does not carry LV, can my SA contact one that does and have them ship it to me/Saks?
  2. self serving bump...was looking for an answer because I have $750 in gift certificates from the Saks GC event last week. :tup:
  3. They can't if your store doesn't have an LV counter. I believe you can use your cards though by calling your nearest Saks that does and having your purchases sent to your residence.
  4. Really? Do I have to mail the card or can they just take the # over the phone? I am a bit nervous about sending $750 worth of GC's in the mail. I would think they could take it over the phone because they can take them online.
  5. I inquired about this as well and was told you cannot use gift cards by telephone. They must be used in person or online. But it can't hurt to ask. Good luck!
  6. which Saks did you contact?
  7. I was able to use my Saks gift card to order an LV from another store. I was charged $18 for shipping, but no sales tax!
  8. OOOOHHH, $750! I could do some damage with that!
  9. Where is the closest Saks to you that does carry LV? A free LV would be worth a 6 hour drive to me!!! :yes:
  10. I too have some gift cards I wanted to use for my next purchase of LV MC speedy, but I was told by customer service that I would have to send my gift cards to the LV store. they said I wouldn't be able to give them the number of the GC over the phone, because they have to swipe the GC.