LV at NY Macy's?

  1. I'll be in NY next week and was planning to buy my very first LV. Figured I would have to go to the LV store or some very high end dept. store. Did I read correctly that some Macy's carry LV? The Macy's here in SF and Sac do not carry them.

    I would love to get one from Macy's because I have a gift certificate from there. Which Macy's in NY carry them?

  2. I know that the LV in the Roosevelt Field mall carries them, but it's out on Long Island. Hmm...just look on Vuitton's website, I believe they list ALL stores, including their own boutiques, that sell LV.
  3. Macy's @ Herald Square, NYC (34th St & Broadway)
  4. I think you cannot use you gift certificate at Macy's. Certain stores are "red dotted", meaning they don't fall under any deals or promos offerred by the store which hosts them. Unless the certificate is issued by LV, it most likely will not be applicable at that particular LV Boutique.

    Just to note, yes, there is an LV at 34th Street Herald Sq., accessible by the NYC subway or via Penn Station/Amtrak/LIRR

    Hope you have a great time in NYC ! :smile:
  5. Saks Fifth Avenue in Manhattan has LV too
  6. LV in Macy's may take that gift certificate..I know I use my "Macy's Reward Certificates" there all the time...I have even passed like 6 $25 at one time and they have no problem with it, so it's worth asking if they accept it. I think the LV section in Macy's turned out really nice since they completely remodeled...much bigger than before.
  7. :smile: Don't forget to stop by the flagship store in midtown. The Soho store has quite a few antique mono and damier trunks that are worth a visit as well.
  8. You can use macy*s gift card/certificates/reward things to purchase LV at any macy*s that carries it. too bad I'm not in NY or else I would have a new LV by now :cry:
  9. i used my macys gift card at the herald square macys. i forgot the SA's name but she was really nice and helpful. i got my speedy 25 there last may=)
  10. Ok so it's good news for jello_1995 :biggrin:
  11. Ask for Laura, she was a very nice SA I met there...very helpful.
  12. I agree! I use her too :amuse:
  13. Bloomies at 59th st and lexington avenue also carries LV
  14. Thanks everyone! I will ask for Laura at the Macy's at Herald Square and use my (2) $50 gift cards -- which I got as a faithful My Points & Amtrak member.

    I'll be staying at the Millenium Hotel on Church Street and have Mapquested it out!

    Does anyone know if they have a pretty good selection of bags there?
  15. I've only done phone orders with them but they should have everything a regular boutique carries minus the limited edition/runway stuff.