LV at New Bloomies!

  1. For you shopaholics in Orange County, you probably already know that a new Bloomies is opening at South Coast Plaza this spring. Woohoo! :wlae:

    I was informed that there will be an LV at this new Bloomies and it's supposedly going to be really nice! I know that there's a big LV boutique at SCP already, but I personally prefer shopping at LVs in dept stores. The SAs are much nicer, more patient and less busy. Also, it's easier to find hard-to-find items at the dept stores.

    So YAY! :yahoo:I can't wait!
  2. yes, another lv in bloomies. i can use my bloomie's charge, isn't it great
  3. Sweet! That sounds amazing. I might try and apply there! ;)
  4. Ooooh I can't wait! I saw the Spring 2007 signs when I was coming back from L.A. on Monday but I had no idea an LV would be going in there. Thanks for the info!!
  5. Super news! This makes me want to take trips to CA more frequent.
  6. interesting. I remember Laurence (works at LV NM in Fashion Isle) had mentioned it back in oct/nov.I must go see and apply for a PT if it's true! And since it's not opening until May now instead of March, that should give some extra time to apply/etc.

    thanks for the heads up. and i noticed you're new to the forum. welcome! :yahoo:
  7. Jealous me! You all are so fortunate! :yes:
  8. lucky peeps!
  9. Really? The SCP Saks doesn't seem to have much selection for LV from what I've seen. I know there are less people shopping for LV there, since there's such a large boutique in the mall already. But the department stores get a lot less items sent to them from the company. For example, one Saks counter (not SCP) told me that they only received 2 Miroir Speedies in all. But I'm sure this new Bloomingdales will have a much larger LV section than that Saks though (which is pretty much just a counter). The LV at the new Bloomies in San Francisco is pretty large, so I'm sure SCP will be similar in size.