LV at Macy's MPLS Downtown

  1. Hi guys.. For those who have shopped/experience with LV at Macy's downtown, could you please share the GOOD name of SA with me? I bought my purse from Val, she was new and cute. I might continue my purchase with her, but I would like to know if there is another SA that might also be nice/helpful. The day I stopped in, I didn't like the attitude of the other girl that was working with Val..she was not friendly at all whatsoever. Any helpful info would be lovely.. Thank you!!
  2. I have dealt with a few SA's there and don't remember the names....the service I have generally received there has been so-so. I tend to buy more from other locations and have them ship to me. But yes, if anyone else out there has the name of a nice, friendly, knowlegdeable SA at the Mpls. Macys let me know too!