LV at LHR Terminal 5? WHEN?


Nov 12, 2007
Hi does anyone know when will LV open its store at the new terminal 5 of London Heathrow Airport? How much cheaper would it be roughly, say if I was buying a Mini Lin speedy (335GBP)?

Also I am flying to Mauritius for Xmas. I am connecting flights at LHR (Terminal 1 to 2). I know the Chanel boutiques are at terminal 3 and 4 and Mulberry at Terminal 1,3,4,5. I wonder if I will be able to visit these shops? Do you have to fly from that terminal in order to shop at those shops?

Pardon my agnorance. I have not really done any designer shoppings at a airport, I normally just go straight to the airline lounges after checking in.

Many thanks!


More LV Please!!!!
Jan 19, 2007
At Louis Vuitton ;)
Hi ,
I'm not sure when the LV opens at Heathrow but terminal 5 opens March 27th 2008 so i'm guessing LV will be there when it opens , also You have to stay in the terminal you are flying from you can't go to other terminals.