LV at Holt Renfrew Calgary

  1. I was just up there briefly on the weekend looking for a place to live since my hubby has been transfered with his job - actually a return for us after 15 years in the USA -- wow were the guys really great at this LV location! I just spent a bit of time chatting with them and they filled me in on some of their upcoming events and did a bit of comparison on pricing versus the US conversion etc... I had a great experience and really look forward to that part of my move and helped me forget about the very cold weekend they were having and the first blast of snow and winter I have experienced for a few years LOL. - One SAs name was Garth for the fellow tPFers up in Calgary who may shop there that may know them.

    Back in Texas now thawing out and packing up .. left several of my LV bags with some friends since I dont want the movers to deal with them and I know they are safe and warm.

    Hubby gave me the OK at the Calgary Airport on the way home while waiting for our plane to get the Duomo :wlae: which I've been wanting for a while - so I'll probably pick it up when we move up in March.
  2. Welcome Home!
  3. Well alberta welcomes you back!! I have had nothing but positive experences at holts in calgary, I don't make it up the very often but when I do it's always nice. I'm going next week so I'll have to watch for Garth, I'm going to buy a few bandeau's and a wapity.
  4. Ohhhh Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. what a great report! and welcome to calgary! too bad you came during one of the colder times, but i'm sure the experience at LV warmed things up! i look at it as a reward for dealing with such poor weather! hehe
  6. Welcome back. Calgary is one of my favorite city to go shopping. Congrats on your Duomo, I can't wait to see pics.
  7. Calgary Holt Renfrew LV is great. Go to Banff too, I have never had as good service anywhere as I did in the Banff LV!! That is my favorite LV, I just wished they carried shoes!
    Welcome back to Canada!
  8. Welcome back to the Great White North!
  9. Welcome.