LV at Chicago Nordstrom?

  1. I hear that the Nordstrom store in Chicago has a Louis Vuitton boutique inside. Is it true? If so, can we use the Nordstrom note toward our purchase and get double/triple points during certain events? Can anyone recommend a sales associate to email? Thanks! :biggrin:
  2. Yes, true and yes, you can use your Nordstrom Notes toward your purchase. I don't know about the double/triple points but I believe so. Only purchased there once so sorry I don;t have an SA to recommend.
  3. I've never had good service there. I walk down to the store on Michigan, sorry.
  4. I've had fabulous service (and I don't even live in Chicago -- it's all been by phone). My SA left several months ago (and I haven't bought anything since May), so can't recommend anyone specific. They have been much better than the stores in VA as far as getting bags for me as soon as they are released. As someone else mentioned, you do get all of the Nordstrom bonus points, etc and they also will do pre-sales.
  5. Anyone have a SA to recommend at this location? I'd love a phone # and email address.
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    Elaine is very knowledgable as she has been with the company for approx 20 years. She loves the brand. At first I didn't care for any of the SA's there, but over time I've made many purchases and hit it off with Elaine after a few visits. (If you go to the Michigan Ave store FRANKLIN is a gem and you get to experience a TRUE lux brand boutique buying experience!)

    If you have a Nordstrom account you may use it to make purchases at this small LV boutique inside Nordstrom (back right hand corner on first floor past the shoes). When making purchases with your Nordy card, you DO get award points and CAN use them to make LV purchases! EVEN ON DOUBLE and TRIPLE POINT periods! Using your awards notes is like having your own personal sale!!!! The return/exchange policy is the same as other LV boutique's and NOT related in this way to the Nordstrom return/exchange policy. Before purchasing from ANY LV boutique (in Sak's or Nordy's) you should always get the return/exchange policy explained!

    This is the only LV boutique in a Nordstrom store in the USA. Call 312 464 1515 and ask for the LV boutique (sorry I don't have the store's direct number memorized, but they do have one and you can ask the store operator to recite it to you before they transfer you to the LV boutique). Currently they are experiencing the shortage, as they are smaller than the main store in Michigan Ave but are larger than the Sak's little boutique, thus be prepared to not see the more popular bags (NF, Speedy's, etc). Do ask them to check other stores and if they do find one that you're looking for at another store, they can either ship it directly to your billable address or to the Nordy LV store for you to come and pick up. If a bag is found in another store, you CAN NOT use your Nordy card, thus you can not get the award points. Only a major credit card may be used (unless it's found at Sak's then you may be able to use this store card for purchase).

    FYI - I was just at the Michigan Ave store today and they received a shipment last night. I saw a Tivoli GM there as of 11:30 am today. Not sure what else they have bit it was a larger shipment.

    I hope this helps. :smile:
  7. I wanted to bump this thread because I was thinking of going here, however I have read a lot of recent comments else where about how rude some SA's are. I just wanted to pop in quickly to get a Monogram key coin pouch because I lost mine. Any other recent experiences shopping here? I just don't want a bad experience for a quick and simple purchase.
  8. I have shopped there recently on 2 different trips to Chicago several weeks ago, and now I love this particular store and will call them in the future whenever I want something. I didn't find anyone there rude at all and found them very nice, actually. I bought on both visits and also now when I call there looking for something they are very nice and quick to work on it for me. And I like using my Nordstroms's card for the points. :biggrin:
  9. I'm at Nordstrom (Chicago) about twice a week and love ALL the great folks at the Nordstrom LV boutique. I most always stop in for a quick chat and hello.

    NOTE: A key component to forming a relationship is chemistry, and in these case more speaking to Sales Associate (SA) and customer relationship. I would encourage you to go in and take a look around for yourself. You get to choose YOUR SA, not the other way around.
  10. bump can someone tell me where their exact location is? IS it the one on Michigan Ave?
  11. Yes it is on Michigan avenue, there is also a LV store and inside Saks
  12. ^great. Thanks!
  13. I've ordered several times from this location do I can get Nordstrom notes with my charge. Just ordered my empireinte artsy today! Very helpful over the phone also.
  14. SassySarah: Yes, you can use your Nordstrom Notes to purchase items at the LV Nordstrom (Chicago) boutique. Note: If you use Nordstrom Notes for your LV purchase, you do NOT earn points for your purchase. I only use my Notes when purchasing smaller priced items as I really want the points for the larger purchases.
  15. I wanted to bump this thread for a current SA recommendation. I'm considering if I want to be put on a wait-list for a F/W stole. I go to this location a few times a year however I do not have a SA. And I'd prefer to shop here over the other location because I'd rather earn double nordie points with my nordie card. In the past I was looking for a wallet they didn't have in stock and the SA said she'd take my info and call me when it came in and it never happened(it's a style they always carry a zippy in amarante) so I'm slightly hesitant to be put on a wait-list since I don't have a regular SA and I fear that I may not ever get a call back.