LV at bloomies or saks?

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  1. does anyone know if you can use Saks or bloomies coupons to get LV at a discounted price?
  2. Don't think so. LV is always excluded from any Saks sale (friends and family, etc.)
  3. Yes, I think because they lease the space and not part of the actual store, or something like that.
  4. Nope, you can't! Just like Iluvbags said, LV is always excluded from all discounts. Wanted to use a coupon once and couldn't! Chanel, on the other hand, is different but that wasn't your question!...:smile:)
  5. LV never has sales themselves, so they definitely don't take any type of coupon.
  6. Yes, i have never heard of a discount at LV ANYWHERE.
  7. my SA at Saks says she could get me a 10% discount if I find a family member to open an account. She had always went the distant to get me a good deal but i doubt her on this one...but i might just have to test her and see! *crosses fingers*
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