Lv at Bloomies or nordies?

  1. Hey ladies, my cousin who is buying her first LV speedy 25, wanted to know if anyone knows if any bloomingdales or Nordstroms sell LV bags? Thanks!
  2. Bloomingdales in San Francisco has LV!
  3. Bloomingdales in Manhatten Ny has a LV section!
  4. bloomie's has lv. no Nordstroms
  5. what state? In NY macys has lv!
  6. I love Bloomingdales for LV. They're SUPER friendly.
  7. I wish Nordies sold LV! But just Bloomies.
  8. I love Bloomingdales for LV. They're SUPER friendly.
  9. you can search for the store listings on the site or on eluxury site as well. :smile: hard to tell you where exactly you want to go, since we don't know where you're from, but bloomies is able to have LV, but i wouldn't say that most or all of them do.
  10. Someone else just posted that the new Bloomies at Southcoast Plaza (Costa Mesa, CA) will have an LV boutique - Bloomies opening Spring 2007.
  11. not at Nordstrom, to my knowledge... bloomies in SF has LV, though!
  12. Not in the San Jose, CA area we don't. Only Neiman Marcus, and in the same mall as the LV boutique. Gosh, I remember about 15 years ago when Macys carried LV!
  13. none in south florida do that i know of.