LV Astropill on Elux does anyone have this?....

  1. It looks like a nice idea but I wonder how it works? Does it have a replaceable battery?
  2. I have it...Bought it last December and really love it....They say to bring it to the store to change the bateeries..Never had to though
  3. Thanks Jill. I think I am going to order it. :yes:
  4. What does it do?
  5. Funny story..PHH dropped his beeper under the table of a darkly lit restaurant 2 weeks ago....LOL..I swear..the astropill saved the night..I flashed it under the table and he found his beeper...HOW FUNNY!..I then proceeded to tell him that he must kiss all my LV's and thank them...LMAO...He so didnt.
  6. ^^^ Hrmph, that PHH just didn't like to be indebted to Vuitton ! :graucho:
  7. I have an Astropill (two actually, since my mom unloaded her white MC one onto me, so now I have them in both black/white MC!). I don't use them...but after hearing Jill's story...they could come in handy some day! :yes:
  8. Lol they're cute but IMO, they're too expensive. I think $110 would be my limit for that piece haha.
  9. wat do they do? haha
  10. I agree! I love it because it's so cute but $240 is a little too much for a light keychain IMO...I'd probably spend $150 max on it, and it would be either the black MC or the mono one! :nuts:
  11. It's just a little laser light thing that comes on when you squeeze it. :yes:
  12. I love it, but when I took it to LV to get a new battery they didn't have one...
  13. It´s cute but too pricey IMO
  14. It's cute piece but too pricey..I agree with Rebecca $110 is max for me too. I have cheap laser keychain I got for free from some company's still working..
  15. lmao, they'll come up with naything won't they? and I love how it probably costs 50 bucks for them to make (IF that)