LV Artsy

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  1. Do you prefer mono artsy or empreinte? If empreinte, what color? I can't decide!! HELP!! TIA.
  2. I love empreinte but not for the artsy. can't really tell why?! i like mono but my favourite is DA...
  3. The Artsy is a gorgeous bag. DH bought it for me in mono when it first came out but I never found it comfortable and ultimately sold it. Before I sold it, I had two Artsy bags that cracked which LV replaced. I think Emp would be more comfortable but why not consider the Bagatelle before its discontinued?
  4. I love the classic mono artsy. The patina turns to a caramel color that compliments the lv logo over time. It is perfect, classic and timeless. Love it with a burberry jacket:smile:

    I actually prefer empreinte. It is much heavier but the beauty is unsurpassed in my opinion. I own the Infini which is retired now. It is so dark it looks black. I always get asked if it really blue!
    My Infini is a great dark bag so i use it for fall and winter:smile:

    Good luck deciding:smile:
  5. I have two arty bags in the leather. A Very beautiful handbag and a bit heavy , but sooo worth it. I'm not a mono person at all, but try them both and you will know. Keep us posted.
  6. I have both the mono artsy and the empreinte artsy. I hardly wear the empreinte because it is so heavy, I usually reach for my mono, it is much lighter and I love it so much. But you have to deal with the peeling issue with the mono and the empreinte is a worry free bag.
  7. I have an artsy in monogram. I love it, it's a great bag. The leather version is definitely softer. If I find a color I truly love I would definitely buy a second one in leather.
  8. I have the artsy in empreinte and it is very comfortable on the shoulder even if it is the heaviest of all my bags.

    Edited to add that it really is a worry free bag. Ive taken it out in the snow and light rain. Still looks new after two years!
  9. I love both variations. For empreinte version, I love Noir the best. I wish they could make a true red for empreinte Artsy. :drool:
  10. Wish they'd produce it in the shade of the new SC Bag Cherry.

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  11. I just bought an Artsy yesterday. It's a graduation gift so I can't have it till Saturday, but I'll do a reveal then!
    I got it in monogram and I really love it. I've wanted this bag for quite some time, but never got it because I was so afraid it would have cracking and peeling problems on he canvas, like so many people have complained about.
    So I called client services, and also spoke to a few SAs, and they told me that issue has been resolved and it won't be happening on the new bags. So that made me feel much better about buying one.
    I chose from 5, they all looked good and were made this April, 2016.
    I don't think you could go wrong with either style!!! The mono was very light and comfortable, but did not try on the Empreinte.
  12. Better go for an Artsy in Monogram as the Empreinte one looks heavy.
  13. I have Artsy in Mono. and I really love her.
  14. My Artsy is a mono and I love it. I think it is absolutely gorgeous! :smile:
  15. I have Artsy in Mono, Azur, and Empreinte (Infini, which is discontinued). It is my favorite LV, but don't underestimate the weight of a leather bag of that size. That mama is heavy, but it doesn't prevent me from using her! :smile: