lv artsy info from sa

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  1. i just got off the phone with an sa at the natick, ma store. she said that the artsy gm is very large, while the mm is a great everyday size. she said that the strap is very similar to the looping strap- just like it, in fact. hard, round strap. i hope not- i think this could be 'the one' bag for me- but if the strap is uncomfortable...
  2. Everything I've read about concern for the artsy has been about the strap....being very hard. I read a post that I found very informative that said that even though pictures may market it as a shoulder bag, it is really meant to be a hand held bag. I love the way the bag looks, but it seems really big for a hand held bag, and I really don't think it would be comfortable over the shoulder. Kind of a bummer, but maybe when I see it IRL it will work....I hope so, I really like the bag!
  3. I tried it on two days ago and didn't find it that hard, granted it was empty. It appeared more flexible or fairly easy to bend and I was told it would soften over time as you wear the bag. Who know's, I'm picking mine up today and will see what it feels like with my actual stuff in it.
  4. Congratulations in advance AAdams! :P Please post modelling pictures, will be interested to see what it is like IRL!

  5. oh yay! i can't wait to hear what you have to say. please post photos, too, if you can. thanks so much!!!
  6. Annette, I am counting on you. Show this baby off!

  7. I promise I will. I need to go pick it up here pretty quick before the sleet and snow hits!:nuts:
  8. Thanks Princesspink and baby&melovelv, I'll post pictures as soon as I get it.
  9. snow in texas?
  10. I can't wait to see it, Annette!
  11. I think the Artsy is a bag you need to see IRL before deciding whether or not to get it. I was IN LOVE when I saw it in the magazine, but then after hearing all of the negatives with the looping strap I wasn't sure. Then, my SA showed it to me on Tuesday and I instantly bought one. AAdams we are going to have to start an Artsy club soon! I'm picking mine up in 30 minutes!

  12. Congrats. Please let us know all the details and take pics. I am nervous about the strap too.
  13. I've also been worried about the strap being too hard. I love the look of it but wouldn't want to use it as a handbag.
  14. I want it in Damier Ebene-
  15. could someone who has seen it please describe the interior pockets? thanks!