LV Artsy Bag!

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  1. Lady's, what do you all think about the new artsy bag? And are there already pictures of it on the internet? i can't find it.

    Let me know!!:biggrin:
  2. i love it, it's going on my wishlist! Which reminds me i need to update my wishlist on here. There are pics in this forum hang on i'll get you the link.
  3. I saw the artsy today (IRL, EXCITING I KNOW!!!) and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I presold the MM right away (the GM is HUGE). I AM IN LOVE!!!!!
  4. I really like it, can't wait to see it irl

  5. I can't wait to see the Artsy!!! Is it a shoulderbag? what does the interior look like??

  6. I was at LV at Saks today and they didnt have it yet...bummed!
  7. I was at Boston's LV flagship today and I tried on and messed with the GM. When I saw it in the display case I LOVED IT... but when I tried it on, I didn't like it. I don't like how there's no closure, so the top remains open. I would say this bag is definitely more of a handheld, arm-carried bag than a shoulder bag because the flaps will get all crunched up under your shoulder.
  8. It is a shoulder bag, indeed. However, the handle drop isn't that large, so the bag fits pretty snugly about 2" below your armpit. The interior is FABULOUS! 6 large pockets (3 on each side) and it's in the tan suede. As far as the handle goes, it's GORGEOUS! The braiding is magnificent and my SA told me that it would in fact patina at the same rate as the rest of the handle. So in LVOE!! Oh, and the rings attaching the handle to the bag are engraved with "LOUIS VUITTON" and the bottom has 4 feet and a reinforced bottom with "X" stitching. ENJOY!

  9. I was really liking everything you just said until I got to the part about it fitting snug about 2" below armpit. I'm not a big person by any means but this may just be the deal breaker for me. I don't mind carrying bags on my arm or doing the hand carry thing but when I need it to be a shoulder bag then it needs to be comfortable for more than 5 minutes at a time. I'm going to the LV store tomorrow (new one in Dallas) and hopefully I can see it for myself.
  10. i wanna see it in person first before i make up my mind. there are a couple lv campaign ads featuring artsy.
  11. Well the 2" thing is how it fit for me... and I consider myself a big person (I'm 5'10 but slim).
  12. is the handle hard? when you tried it, was it comfortable on your shoulder?
  13. I can't wait anymore! are there more people who want the bag or saw it IRL?