LV article posted this week, thoughts...

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  1. This article was posted this week which I think is fabulous from the Wall Street Journal
    Louis Vuitton Tries Modern Methods On Factory Lines -

    But, it talks about how production began to change to keep up with demand in 2005; this makes me really wonder if you can find an older bag that was produced with original technique; that it would make the bag more desireable (maybe not valuable), but for me desireable. I think the oldest bags I have are my Spring street 2006; oh, no actually I have a grafitti pochette (2000?) which would have been made with the older technique.

    It's hard for LV to keep up with demand, I understand that. Anyway, just some thoughts.... maybe I'm thinking too much:shrugs: :shrugs: :shrugs:
  2. while i was reading the article, i kept thinking maybe the change in production method is one of the reason why we increasingly hear of people having problems with their bags.

    anyhows! i was also wondering how it would feel like to work in a LV factory. hahaha.
  3. But the article says that the percentage of defects has gone down :confused1: how is that possible? Maybe Pfers are getting an inordinate amount of defective merchandise or we are just pickier than most buyers.:shrugs:
  4. Interesting reading, thanks for sharing!!!
  5. This is a very interesting article, thanks so much for sharing!
  6. as a journalism student, i take all "news reports" with a pinch of salt. so maybe that's why i'm skeptical? heh. also, the amount of defects relate only to the bags that are discarded before going out of the factories. bags that only show their defects after leaving the factories are not accounted for, so perhaps that's one issue that's not addressed in the article.

    anyhows! i do agree that cos we are a in an LV forum, we see a higher percentage of complaints etc. (:
  7. I have to agree, I don't take news at face value anymore. Fox New Channel has tainted my view of the press forever :smile: I don't think the production line described in the article would change the quality of LV, if that is really the way they are doing things.
  8. I agree. But, it just seems like LV can't keep hand made production up with the demand; and, in this case scenario, I would tend to think that the older bags are just better made, and we ARE seeing a lot of defects, remember the bubbly marais yesterday, and the azure that bled within an hour of use??? Anyway, I love LV, but this is just interesting thoughts, thanks for participating... and, you're right, everything is tainted, so it's hard to figure out... I agree with that...
  9. Its like alot of things made now a days...It would be better if things could be made with more details like they used to but the times have changed....

    But I do think that LVs prices than should not keep going higher like they have been.....doesnt make sense to me.....:shrugs: :yucky:
  10. am i having deja vu but this sounds like the article in the front page of wsj a month ago...and i think there's a thread on this somewhere.
  11. It sure hasn't speeded up repairs - I have had a Mary Kate being fixed (in a minor way) for 4 months!!! - Thanks for the interesting article! It really makes you wonder about all the other high end workmanship. -
  12. very interesting...soo many good points....are the older technique bags better? are there more problems now???