LV: Are they ever WRONG?

  1. Hey Girlies,
    Quick question/thought: have any of you ever gotten a bag authenticated at a LV boutique and find out later that the bag was indeed a fake? Does this happen? Is a SA allowed to say it's authentic withouth being a 100% sure?
    If so, this makes me SUPER nervous about buying a used LV ever! Not only from a mypoupette seller, but from friends and other sources.
    What do you guys think/know??
  2. I had an SA say an authentic cherry blossom pochette accessories was fake because she had never seen one. She was rude too -- until I asked to see the manager, who examined it, took it in the back and finally said it looked authentic. Needless to say, I had it authenticated by MP.
  3. At LV they zipped it up, looked at the alignment, checked the date code, inspected the leaf and then told me it was real.

    After I REALLY inspected it myself (prompted by some post here)
    I thought that it looked kind of off as far as the fleurs along the zipper. They're aligned, but the stitching across the fleurs doesn't fall exactly the same place on both sides.

    I took a ton of closeup pictures of the bag and sent them to mypoupette along with my concerns regarding the fleurs and the stitching. Again, I was assured that it was real.

    Sometimes I think that at LV they're quick to authenticate things without REALLY looking at details because 1. they get nothing out of it and 2. they won't put anything in writing anyway.

    I try my best to be able to weed out the real and fake (using the things I've learned here as well as getting everyone's opinions) before even buying from anywhere else so usually if I go into LV it's usually just to reassure me that I'm correct.
  4. I had the opposite happen...I took a vintage wallet into LV and the SA told me that it was fake, turned around and had MP look at it and she told me that it was real. Nobody is perfect I guess.
  5. Sure, they can be wrong. Anyone can, if they hurry. Also, it depends on their experience. I was actually told by Carol formerly that they are not really supposed to do that on orders from legal dept. I asked them in Macy's, because I was curious about all these other people having their bags authenticated. Well, she told me, officially no, but if someone brings something in for repair, they almost have to authenticate it." So I know not to take it to Herald Square....Went to another boutique and they did. Go figure. I suppose it's not strictly enforced. But then again, they could make a mistake. I believe there were some other thread on PF regard this.
  6. My best friend bought a Speedy from eBay, took it to an LV and the manager authenticated it. She found out later when it was sent back for a zipper fix that it was fake. The guy she bought it from gave her a full refund, he got it from an auction and they had it authenticated too, seems the only way to tell was once it was apart from the stitching. It looked 100% too, patina'd nicely, beautiful bag. Shame :sad: