LV anniversary present for husband

  1. I need help picking out something for my husband for our 12th year anniversary from LV! He is the sweetie that has bought all of my LV's and my patchwork!
  2. something from the Taiga line would be nice. i bought my boyfriend the Taiga Florin wallet, and he loves it
  3. do you have any particular things in mind? RTW? Brief Case? Pen? Watch?
  4. Taiga is the plainest choice, but also the safest one. If you want someting a little bit more flamboyant (and maybe exciting?) get epi!
  5. I like Damier and Nomade
  6. I love the nomade line.
  7. We need more info to help you. Like your budget, or have any particular items you want to get (bag, wallet, etc?)
  8. I bought my husband a damier wallet last year and he loves it. I love Damier accessories for a man.
  9. I would get him some thing from the nomade line.
  10. what does he need. I would get a wallet or keepall.
  11. I was actually thinking a tie. DH would wear a LV tie, but I know he would not carry a LV wallet
  12. I suggest the Taiga 9 CC Bookfold wallet.
  13. I love Nomade although I dont know if it will scratch easily or not
  14. Thanks for all the suggestions for my wife......

    but sweetheart, I don't want anything from LV, I tried to get a wallet and I went through 3 of them and none of them worked for's alot easier buying stuff for my wife than myself.....
  15. Totally agree, i got my ex boyfriend (my current roommate) a damier card holder and he loves it. It looks not too flashy but just luxurious enough on men! hahaha