LV and your pet….

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  1. I have noticed a lot of people have some seriously cute dogs on this board!

    Please post a picture of your favorite Louis Vuitton piece…with your dog …feel free to post multiple pictures to up the cuteness factor :smile:
  2. This is an old picture of my baby with my NF. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460344070.763974.jpg

    I have since sold the bag, but I still have my sweet little guy.
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  3. Found one more with my Speedy B + Shih Tzu on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460344251.686474.jpg
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  4. One of my girls posing with my Lockit charm:

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  5. Awww. I have cats. Love seeing the pooches tho
  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460348734.891411.jpg
    Me and Lulu trying on bags in NYC️
  7. Love the dog stroller, we have the same one but in plaid.
  8. Cute photos! Keep them coming every one :smile:

  9. I have a doggy stroller (leopard, 4 wheeler) too but compared mines to yours, mines is huge! If you don't mind me asking how tall are you and where did you get your stroller?
  10. OMG...this thread is too cute. Love it!
  11. Love this photo; the outfit, the cute dog in stroller, the LV's, just perfect.
  12. What a pretty doggy.

    So cute, he looks like a little star.
  13. My little darling modelling my Speedy B ;).
  14. ....another try....

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  15. "Dog strollers" ???
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