LV and Your Pet

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  1. Anyone have any great pics of your pet and your LVs? If so...please share...let us know who your wonderful pet is too!!!!

    I'll scrounge up one of my fluffy persian & my speedy later tonight :smile:
  2. Cute idea! Just took this with my camera phone (sorry it's a little fuzzy). This is my one year old yellow lab, Bailey. He has a bone in his mouth. He is a crazy, hyper, lovable maniac of a dog....and I love him. :heart:
  3. i have no pet photos.

    when i brought my son home from the hospital, my cats were very upset . one of them peed in my large Noe, and also in my son's baby car seat (the thing you carry them around in when they are tiny). i'm still not over that one.

    i called my pediatrition that morning crying, because i couldn't put him in the car with the cat-pee carseat, and my Louis Vuitton was peed on too. we were on the way to his first doctor visit when i realized what had happened. the nurses all had a good laugh with me about that. well, i can laugh about it now.

  4. I am so sorry but oh my god that made me laugh out loud. I would have been upset too. Nothing grosser than cat pee! Still.....sort of a humorous story. :sneaky:
  5. Lol gucci!!! puppy is too cute!

  6. Thanks, it happened 8 years still makes my heart beat fast to remember it. The cats never got over the kids, unfortunately we had to give them (the cats) to family. I should have posted it in "gross things that happen to your LV"

    Love the photos!
  7. I don't have any pics of my dog with my LV...but I have some of him with his own LV :lol: Meet Teddy!

    wearing his collar

    as a puppy (when he still fit into his carrier)

    no longer fitting into it
  8. Check out my avatar! When I get new batteries for my camera (and my new Azur Speedy) I will post more pics of the bunny and the bags!
  9. this is my dog Sugarina. im scaring her with azur speedy~:p
  10. CUTE thread, love it!!!
  11. Love it!
    Elle...what kind of dog do you have? He kind of looks like a schnauzer.
  12. Chanel, is she a cocker spaniel? she looks daintier. what a sweety!

  13. yes she is!! she's crazy. i noticed your avatar. you have cocker too? they are the cutest puppies i think.:smile:
  14. :yes: Nice thread!!
    There's my contribution: Charlie, my 17 months olld Maine Coon cat inside my keepall 60!


    How cute??? :smile: