LV and the word "Investment"???

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  1. Do you think LV is an Investment?

    Why? lol...

    i think...LE items are only Investments...because

    you buy a LE bag new $5...don't use it...after 5 can sell it for $ = you Invested!?


    your thoughts = ?

  2. Er... I have never sold any bag for a profit, LE or not. In fact, I usually priced my bag at half price when I sell.
  3. I don't think you can buy LV to hope it goes up in value, but it can been seens as an investement compared to most other bags in that price range as it keeps the value more than the others.
  4. Bags are not investments. Never, ever.
  5. Never!
  6. It is all supply and demand. When you buy a LE bag and lots of people want it and miss out on it you can sell it for a profit. But the window of time that people will pay top dollar is very small. After that it has been my observation that most bags sell for less than what was paid. I would never buy a bag as an ivestment. Buy what you love, use it and enjoy it.:yes:
  7. I've stopped looking at any bag as an investment - I'm trying to only buy what I absolutely LOVE, regardless of anything else.
  8. i think it is very silly to buy a bag in the hopes of making a little profit in the future. buy it because you love it and will use it. the "investment" is the number of years you, and probably your heirs, enjoy it.
  9. never!!!
  10. Very few bags, if any at all, will garner you a profit at the end of the day(unless purchased at deeeeeeep discount from the start). I never look at any bag that I purchase for the love of it, as an investment. When it's time for it to go, it's gone.
  11. LOL, no.
  12. ITA! I consider my LV bags as well as my other designer bags investments because I will have them for years and years.
  13. ITA. :yes:
  14. Bag investment on my mind is a little different than you mentioned ;)

    For me, I buy LV items and if I need some cash, I will just resell it. I think I can't afford to purchase LE and not use it to resell it a few years later, I'll just carry it a few minutes after purchasing, LOL :biggrin:
  15. like Liberté said, these bags hold a lot more of their value. Of course they are never going to be a true investment in the speaking of dollars, but if you buy a buy and use it for many many years and its well loved and still worth something I think of that as in investment in a good bag :smile: LOL.

    I think there are only a select few LE lines in the whole industry that really were LE and many missed out on. The only regular bags that I could see as investments are some Hermes. But birkins and kellys are already basically LE in a way...
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