LV and the counterfeiters

  1. Today, while browsing the internet, I discovered accidentally the websites of two counterfeiters that sell fake LV bags in my hometown. One of the counterfeiters even put his first name and mobile phone number on the webpage.

    Well, as a loyal and apparently naive LV customer I decided to denounce the two counterfeiters to LV, hoping that they would then alert the authorities.

    I could not have been more wrong... the lady of the customer service told me that LV (Italy) won't do anything against the counterfeiters, as there are so many of them. Instead LV hopes that (potential) customers know that the genuine merchandise is sold only in their exclusive boutiques. That is it.

    I do not know what to think of that attitude.
  2. It's probably a losing battle to LV.
  3. wow thats quite ridiculous and nieve of them to think, since new customers dont know the 1st thing about LV without dong their research. If people didnt have sites like tPF and Mypoupette then LV would be losing alot of money, because at the end of the day these sites are informing people of were to buy real LV...there is no other places that do this and no resource made by LV.
  4. Quite true... LV only does print advertisements, and that solely in magazines that are read by its core customer group. However, those that buy the counterfeits goods, accidentally or not, are (LV-uneducated) people with enough cash to at least buy the genuine speedy. Still, they prefer to buy from the counterfeiters.
  5. At any rate, I am glad LV did not lie to me, but told me bluntly they won't do anything.
  6. I agree. It's probably to the point now where no matter what they do, there will still be counterfeit bags out there and customers who don't know the difference.
  7. So your upset that they wont go after the counterfeiters? That's understandable but you also have to think, it would be next to impossible to get everyone for counterfeiting. It's waaaaaaaaaaaaay too huge now. I personally think that they're attitude about it is naive, but like they said, true fans of LV who do their research know that you can only buy it in boutiques. I mean, obviously people know that 99% of bags are fake, so if they were really in the market for one they would make sure they knew where to buy.
  8. Yeah it's a losing battle. Most counterfeit sites have disclaimers on them that mention some internet privacy act and that anyone from LV or other brands they sell cannot enter the site.
  9. wow thats just ridic!! man i cant believe someone are so crazy eekkk!
  10. Are you talkin about that one act passed by Bill Clinton or something like that? I heard that that bill was never even passed or something like that? :confused1:
  11. it is amazing that only 1% of LV items made are actually authentic, the rest are fakes. people here with even the largest collections that have so much must have like .00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of real LV cuz there's a lot of real LV out there too!!!! lol.
  12. I'm really surprised by that there have been many successful raids in Italy on counterfeit factories & warehouse I thought they where taking it seriously now, is there a special police unit for it maybe you can forward the information to them.
  13. well, we cannot give up. LV can but lets not lose the battle, KEEP REPORTING !!! :smile:
  14. I think that if you report it to your local police department they may do something...if you want to do that
  15. I agree, but if they had stopped this before it got so out of hand, I think that may be a different story...