LV and tax free weekend

  1. Hi everyone! The tax free holiday in Mass. is coming up (August 11 & 12) I wanted to purchase the denim cabby mm in black during the holiday. The problem is I called the Copley store and they do not have any in stock but they are expecting a shipment soon, unfortunately they do have a waitlist. Are these waitlisted all over the country? If not and I do a charge send do you think another LV would honor the tax free holiday? thanks in advance for you help!
  2. I WL for mine after the first shipment came out (didn't know I was going to love it). Another shipment came in soon after and I got the call. I wanted to wait since I really shouldn't have been dropping so much money on a bag so soon after buying a ton of things and when I asked my SA if she thought I'd be able to get another one in a month or so she mentioned that she was told that Paris had a huge back log on the Black (esp. in MM) and that the production wasn't going as fast as planned. She said that it may be awhile before I'd be able to get my hands on another one. Of course I caved in and bought.

    I know others have posted that they've seen them in their stores but as far as I know they're out again where I'm at.

    Good luck, it's a great bag and you'll love her! I sure do!!
  3. Thanks so much Rileygirl. I called 1866Vuitton and explained the situation to them. She took my name and number and is going to forward it to the leather goods manager. They are going to see what they can do to get me the bag for the tax free holiday. I am waiting for a call back and keeping my fingers crossed.
    Do you wear the cabby as a crossbody and how does it look? I like the idea that this can be a hands free bag.
  4. xoxovuitton: Your tax free weekend sounds better than ours. Here in Texas we get tax free weekend on lots of items but they have to retail for $100 or less each. LV is defintiely not included in the list of approved items. Is your tax free holiday for anything and everything?
  5. MM's strap is too short to wear cross body but I can use the handles on my shoulder when the bag isn't stuffed. I am comtemplating purchasing a GM strap so I can wear my MM across my body. I love the bag--have worn her every day except one since I got her a couple of weeks ago. I think she's the perfect LV bag (although a little on the heavy side). I hope elux can find one for you.

    I also wish we had tax free days in Hawaii. Never ever heard of it!
  6. I am pretty sure it is on everything, one of family members bought furniture last year and it was all tax free. I am so excited it is a pretty good savings! :yahoo:
  7. Rileygirl I am so happy to hear you love the cabby, it sounds like an everyday bag and that is exactly what I am looking for. So they sell the GM strap for the cabby in black? If they do then I will prob buy it since I would like to wear the bag as a crossbody.
  8. ^^^I haven't inquired yet but will soon enough. There's a Cabby Club in the club section that people have posted carrying their bags. Check it out!
  9. I am going to the clubhouse now to check out more pictures thanks!
  10. ^^^^ Everything is tax free where you live? Lucky you!

    Here in TX, only clothing and I believe shoes and belts are included in being tax free.
  11. The tax break is for purchases up to $2500, so everything under that amount is tax free:tup:
  12. Wow, you're lucky! :tup:

    In GA the sales tax holiday only applies to clothing and shoes under $100, school supplies, and computers up to $1,500.
  13. Interesting! I must go there one day to get in on the tax free weekend. I hope you find what you are looking for.
  14. You are so lucky. In California there is no such thing as tax free days. And we don't even get a tax break when ordering from Elux.
  15. The bag you want is on elux right now, so no tax and you can get 3% back ($45) by going through e.b.a.t.e.s. which covers more than shipping.