LV and stereotypes

  1. Is anyone affected negatively by stereotypes when they carry Louis Vuitton?
    ive noticed that people juat assume that my bags are fake when i carry them because i am a teenager, and most teenagers my age so indeed have fakes.
    they also assume that i am spoiled because i have these things, but spoiled isnt about what you have, it is an attitude.
    ive seen people in lv get snubbed because of their their age or race, and i think its so unfair.
    or when a person carries a LE bag, lots of people assume its fake, just because its hard to find...or maybe they have never seen it before.
    just a little rant....
  2. I also have this problem because Im a teenager and most people I know carry fake. Its a tough world and it annoys me but I know my LV is real lol. :flowers:
  3. Where I live I have the feeling that by carrying LV you get somewhat of a "who the heck does she think she is??:sick:" stereo type on you, but I've stopped caring. Nobody has ever said anything rude towards me though, and if they do I won't care, but I've had looks on me sometimes.
  4. I don't know if I notice that so much. I mean, people will look at my bag but I don't notice "strange" looks or anything like that. I don't know if they think it's fake or not, but I guess I don't really care what they think.

    I just love bags so much that I guess I don't care about any of the other stuff that goes along with them! ....well, except for the PRICE!!! Ha ha!!
  5. I´ve never heard anything rude said of my bags. I was treated really well at the store too even though I´m young (24). I hate stereotypes. That is why I don´t judge someone´s other brand bag as fake if I haven´t studied that particular brand and don´t know for certain it is a fake.
  6. i'm around the type of people that used to be on TheOC nearly 75% of the time of my life.. and i've just simply stopped caring what others think.
  7. i forgot to mention, my friend has a fake mc pochette, and she brought it to the mall while i brought my miroir.
    and people stared. but i didnt care, because i knew mine was real. but im pretty sure people thought mine was fake, because hers was.
    i felt really bad for her...
  8. Aww, sorry. Atleast YOU know that your bag is real!
  9. Very true! You have a lot of wisdom for a teenager and with this attitude you'll be okay!

    My friends think I am spoiled or dealing drugs or something because I have expensive bags and other things. I may have expensive tastes but I am by no means spoiled because I have apid for everything that Ihave including my car, my three college degreees, and most of my bags. At this point in my life I don't care what people think because I've done a lot and been through a lot in life and deserve to have nice things. I work full time in a job that I hate but pays good money and I am a good mom to my children and a supportive wife.

    I better stop here beause I could go on and on about this one...streotypes are just plain bad!
  10. People stare at me, and I can 't really tell what they're thinking. Although I'm 21, I look pretty young, so maybe they think I'm carrying a fake. Maybe they think I'm a rich little brat? Maybe I couldn't care less!:p
  11. I kinda get this VIBE that people may think my stuff is fake because I am a guy and what does a guy know about Fashion?

    well im gay so.... I know a lot lol... which is another stereotype... hes carrying LV hes gay... lol

    not offended by it, but I had my squash today which SCREAMS LV and I felt like people might think its fake... but w/e i know its real and I will tell anyone off lol
  12. I don't pay attention to anyones reaction to me carrying one of my lil Louies. I'm no teenager either (well, maybe mentally!) I think my attitude comes with being 44 and just not giving a crap.
  13. I was in a mall last week with my 6 yr old. She wears uggs because she loves them. This girl (maybe 13) says to her mom, "look at that little girls boots". Well, the girls mom replies "What do you expect, did you see the bag her mother carries"? FYI- I was carrying a Cabas Mezzo at the time.

    So yes, I think people are quick to judge.
  14. yeah stereotypes suck!!

    if i get funny looks i just remind myself what BrayanBoy said in his infinite wisdom(hehe)

    "Just because i have one and you dont dosn't mean mine is a fake!"
  15. some of my friends are rude to me cos of my obsession with lv. they say things like "wow, lvvvv" and make me feel bad cos i'm willing to splurge on them. it used to get me down but i just ignore them now and say sth like 'isn't my bag fabulous?' (; i have the right to spend my money the way i want it! HMPF.