LV and Smoking

  1. I know i may sound like a hypocrite b/c i'm an on and off smoker. (I've quit as of 2 months ago!:yahoo:) But do you think LV glamourizes smoking in a way that it has multiple style of cigarette cases. Plus not to mention cigarette smoke is said to ruin hadbags. It even suggests the nomade one as a gift on elux!:confused1: I know france and japan are smokier than a snoop dog video but you think with emerging health trends that LV would have more yoga bags than cigarette carries.

    LV isn't the only one, to my knowledge, gucci and prada both have smoking related acessories. I one saw a 4,000$ gucci ashtray!:wtf:

    What do you guys think. Do you think there is still as much of a social stigma about smoking today? Lots of ?s. TIA:heart:
  2. i think there is less of a stigma now, but lv having smoking stuff does sort of glamourize it.
    p.s. its great that you have quit (for two months at least!) that is a great achievement!
  3. Thankx.:heart: I plan on staying (?)sober(?). Is there a world for not smoking. Smoke free? Yeah, smoke free.
  4. I think there is, but I think they are trying to keep people happy by offering things for them. I personally don't think that by offering these certain accessories that the companies are "glamorizing" smoking, just keeping the customers happy. I don't smoke and never will just because LV happens to make a cigarette case. Anyway, if they don't sell, then they'll probably stop producing them, but I guess they must be selling to some people. Besides, I'm sure they fit other things besides cigarette boxes, like a small ipod etc.
  5. the case doesn't have to be for cigs. i've seen people use the cig case for their ipods hehe :smile:
    congrats on being smoke-free btw.
  6. Never thought of it that way. I sure if LV had a huge clientelle of cowboys or lion tamers, they'd make stuff for their life style.
  7. ITA. :yes:

    Carrying my LVs (among others) kind of act as my incentive to stop smoking, since I've realised my Speedy has started to smell. :crybaby:
  8. Lol. I'd hope not.
    But then again, look at Hermes..a lot of their items are equestrian based. It just depends.
  9. ...LV spurs!:roflmfao:
  10. In some cultures (european, middle eastern) there is not as much of a stigma around smoking as in the US. Theyre probably not introducing new models of cigarette holders, they've probably been around for a while and in some countries they probably buy these. They probably dont sell as many in the US. They were probabliy more popular in the 60s, 70s, 80s.
  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: And saddles. Actually, that'd be hot. Look at this gucci saddle then:back2topic:

  12. Congrats on your two months of going smoke free!:flowers:
  13. Thankx.:love: I plan on rewarding myself at 6 months withs some LV.
  14. I think they make things to make the customer happy! By the way Congrats on not smoking!
  15. smoking accessories are present in most companies, i.e. tiffany has metal cigar tubes, cartier has cigarette lighters, hermes has cigar cutters and ash trays, lv has bother cigar/cigarette humidifiers and leather cases (and let us not forget the trunk made to fit something like 1000 cigars)
    I guess all these brands must be selling a majority their items for their intended purpose, because none of the above are cheap one of m friends smokes and i looked into getting them a cartier lighter, they were AU $600-$800 and i decided to pass lol. To me i guess it would give me an excuse to glamorize and/or justify smoking if i already smoked

    p.s. i have the 1st mono lv ipod case (yes its called that) which is identical
    to a cigarette case only it has a hole at the top for the ear phone plug.