LV and Skin Tone

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  1. So here's an interesting question. LV canvas is brown light brown. Dark brown and less brown and then white and blue. I was doing some reading on skin tones and what kinds of colors looks go with what skin tone. Everything from clothing and accessories and make up and gold vs silver. I found ( it's taken me forever because I suck at this) lol.

    I am a cool winter tone. I look really good in true white, silver type metals and purple eye make up. I look not as great in yellow, orange, gold and earth tones. I have olive skin with blue veins.

    So that brings me to the point. With 2 out of 3 canvas prints that I think look like earth tones, would the azur print look the best on me?

    Is there anyone here that feels the mono or DE print does not look good on their skin tone?

    I am curious because I am in need of a new wardrobe and I am striving to get things that look good on me and not just shop all willy nilly. I like to look like I have put myself together with minimal trying. Lol. So I am careful to get things which look good on me. I only own one black bag. All my other bags are colored. I do have a DE but it's not an everyday bag. It's just soooo pretty. I am more looking forward to the day I can travel with her.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.
  2. I think any skin tone goes well with the mono, DE and DA print. Actually I think when it comes to accessories you do not have to worry as much. For example I cant wear yellow because I have slightly olivey skin(I do get darker in summer) with yellow undertones tone and seriously I look sick when I wear yellow however if I wanted to wear a bag with yellow print or was yellow I wouldnt have to worry about that. Now when it comes to accessories you wear such as necklaces and bracelets I think tone does matter. I look better in gold and turquoise than silver or ruby for example. I dont know thats just my thoughts I am no expert or anything.
  3. I've thought about that too. For yourself your best bet is to favour a wide array of 'cool' colours such as various blues, greens, greys, white, and purples. Denim is your friend and can be paired effortlessly with anything, try to avoid a harsh colour like black since it will only contrast...instead look at dark greys, and keep a balance of light and dark (i.e. dark pearl grey suit with a light blue blouse and silver jewellery).

    I have more of a peachy hue to my skin and during the summer it turns into something of a light gold/honey, my eyes are blue with a noticeable ring around the outside and gold near the pupil, and my hair is naturally a very dark blond although I've dyed it to be a reverse fire ombre. I do best with earth and jewel tones such as black, burgundy, navy, deep emeralds, etc. and generally avoid bright colours like pink. I can often pull off 'hot' colours like reds and oranges, especially as accents. My metal is gold and my cosmetics again favour more of the earth and jewel colours.
    I can wear the DE and mono canvas flawlessly but for whatever reason DA tends to make me look washed out or sickly...maybe it's too bright?

  4. See that's interesting. For me whites make me look really good. As does pinks and coral. Purple and light colored metal. For my hair I have natural reddish highlights in the sun. My hair has even been noted to turn red. I remember my father asking me if I dyed my hair. Lol. Earth tones and Browns make me look washed out.
  5. Interesting question that brings back memories of my childhood. I remember my mother had a book called, Color Me Beautiful written in the early 1970s, and I would pour over the color swatches trying to figure out if I was a Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter. Back then I had light golden blonde hair and dark, almost black eyes. I have pale skin and never tan.

    But back to your question about handbag colors, I think since handbags are not near your face, I don't think it is as important that they represent your season. But I too am not very good at the color thing, so others may feel differently.
  6. My mom is the same as you. It's really interesting since we have the same colouration (except her hair is dyed a purple and silver/platinum combo) but she can't tan and I can. She can't pull off gold metal or earthy colours to save her soul while I can't do silver.
  7. Yes, I think it would look the best on you. I also think cool pinks, fuchsia/purple, cool reds, white and black would look good. My skin tone leans more on the warm side so mono, DE and warm colors tend to look better on me than the Azur print does. I look washed out in pure whites, light blues and silver jewelry whereas I can pull off gold jewelry with ease.
  8. unless you're walking around with the bag up against your face i don't think it matters?! the color-matching stuff is for clothing that is mainly near your face, so you can look your best in xyz colors. a bag is an accessory so as long as it compliments the clothing it shouldn't make much difference.
  9. I totally agree. Handbag and skintone has never crossed my mind.
  10. I have a warm skin tone and DE is most flattering on me of all the canvas prints. I can wear Monogram, but DA " fights " with my coloring. My skin is light to medium, blue eyes and medium brown hair that has natural reddish highlights. Gold jewelry is flattering on me and bags with gold hardware look best as well. Technically, someone with a warm skin tone really does look best carrying bags that are also warm toned ( same for shoes), and cool skin tones look better in black or cool toned accessories. For me personally, when I adhere to this, I feel I look better and my clothing an accessories enhance and work with my coloring. It feels more natural.
  11. This has never occurred to me.
  12. This might be indeed important.

    I think my skin tone is kind yellow and pink.

    I like yellow gold accessaries. I don't look good in rose gold.
  13. I think skin tone would only matter when discussing LV rtw, shawls and scarves, not handbags. The canvas prints look appealing on all, IMO.
  14. I completely agree!
  15. I agree with your skin tone I think. Silver is the best for me and cool colors. For the prints I love mono as much. Mono with silver hardware was fine.