LV and shipping

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  1. Hey guys,

    I went crazy looking for a damier koala agenda and ended up calling the lv hot line. i ended up finding one (in the color i wanted) in scottsdale, arizona and paid for shipping to my house. However, IF i requested them to send the agenda from arizona to a ny (where i live) lv store for pick up, would they do that and would I have to pay for shipping? cuz i just bought something from coach which wasn't available and they sent it to my house for free!:tdown:
  2. Store to Store shipping is usually free... However if they are shipping it to your home you will have to pay for the shipping.

    BTW: If you don't like the item when they ship it, you are NOT obligated to buy it.
  3. In my opinion there is more chance for human error if it is sent to a store to wait on you. It usually costs $15 I believe when I call 866 and have something shipped but the service is usually speedy.
    Compared to the price of the wallet it is small for peace of mind that it will be in your hand soon.
    It is up to you. I dont live near a LV so it isnt an option for me for pickup.
  4. this is true ^ the koala agenda in damier is hard to find nowadays so if i had it sent to the store in ny and have it snatched by someone else.. i would be so mad! thanks for ur help guys! = )
  5. I actually think shipping is $10 (from what my SA at the Scottsdale store told me, I think)

    Thats not that much compared to it being snatched up by someone else!

    If your going to deal with someone through the scottsdale store, Jarret is soo nice (i love him) or Jason is really nice too.