LV and Paypal

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  1. I didn't knew LV allow paypal as payment. Do I need a card link with my paypal in order to complete a ordered transaction? Or you really can pay with paypal without a card? :confused1:
  2. Yes you can use paypal to pay LV but only when you're on a mobile or a tablet. Paying with paypal isn't an available while on your laptop or your desktop computer. Yes I think you do have to link a debit or credit card to your paypal account or you can get a paypal credit card and use that for your purchases. Happy shopping !!!
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    Oh...I did not knew that...I wish LV would allow us to pay with paypal on desktop and laptops! :P
    I was beginning to wonder why I am not getting any other options to pay...

    I wish I had more money...I was only testing out to see myself. When I can replenish my savings, I would think about immediately buying the key cles I was testing on. :lol:
  4. PayPal has it's own debit card now.
  5. +1 I love using Paypal at LV, all of my info is saved and all I have to do is checkout. It's very convenient. :smile:
  6. and you can pay as a non paypal member andlike a guest payment
  7. I love that they take paypal
  8. Yes, you would think that you would be able to use to while on desktop and laptops.