LV and patina

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  1. Am I weird, but I think I prefer LV Monogram bags with some sort of patina to it already. What are everyone else's thoughts on this?
  2. I do to, a honey tone looks nicer than the very light patina.
  3. same here, i enjoy lv monogram bags that look a little used (lovingly ofcourse), the darker handles and piping remind me of just how worth it they are.
  4. I like LV's better w/the patina, too. I read somewhere that in Japan they won't carry their LV's til they have a patina.

    Here's a pic of my speedy, I like the patina on it and I don't want it to get any darker :biggrin:
  5. Agreed. Am looking forward to my bags developing a nice patina.
  6. I guess I'd have to be the dissenter to this.. I prefer my bags without patina, when my bags do develop a darker tone, I'm just going to get the leather replaced on them.. !
  7. I have to agree with the most of you, I too like when the leather gets darker:P I have a concern though:huh: I wonder how the darker leather will look on my Denim Neo Speedy:worried: Does anyone have a Denim bag that’s gone darker yet, if you do please post pictures:smile:
  8. I think I like the lighter look as well.
  9. i like them better with patina as well. actually i am almost like the japanese: i'll put my new speedy infront of the window when it is sunny so that she developes a patina and i check everyday if it got darker. can't see anything so far but that's may be because it is winter here and there is not much sun about.;) i know i am crazy
  10. Well I've got to try that...I don't want to carry it if it looks brand new. I love the patina. I have an ellipse that I'll work on. ;)
  11. You should get your bag a membership to a tanning salon! :lol:
  12. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Too funny! I think because I really like them with some sort of patina on it, I wouldn't purchase it "new" - I'm too impatient to wait for it to develop! I may scope out some on eBay (although I'm weary only because the Monogram Canvas is replicated so much) or wait until the Damier Canvas Speedy.
  13. as i have posted before, i'm not a fan of the patina. it's the main reason why i don't purchase any lv bags with light leather trim.
  14. I love a light patina...when i bought my popincourt in the summer I tanned it outside in the back yard to get a patina before I would use it. I don't like it too speedy 30 is getting dark and I'm thinking about selling it and getting a new one.
  15. I'm with you :biggrin: I think a darker patina looks better with the brown of the monogram canvas.
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