LV and old car


Louis is my homeboy
Aug 24, 2007
I don't know if this has been discussed here before, but I want to ask for your guys' opinions on carrying a fancy bag but driving a modest car. I have a speedy MC, but I drive a 1996 Acura Integra. The car is in great condition and looks good, but it's not a brand new looking Acura, it's not a Lexus or BMW. Would you guys think it's off or a little unusual to see a woman carrying a nice LV handbag but drive an old, modest car?


Lovin' LV
Feb 17, 2008
I know a lot of people are going to disagree with me, but I don't think driving an older nice looking car and carrying LV is a problem at all!!!!! If your car barely ran or had major problems, I might think you need to think about spending some money on your car...but in this situation I think it's completely fine!

Everyone has a different idea of what's important to them. If your thing is bags and not cars, well that's just fine! It's your preference. That just shows what's most important to you. If you had to worry about whether or not you could get to work, well then maybe I'd agree that you need to change your focus for awhile. I think your situation is just fine!!!
Apr 17, 2008
Bag Rehab, TX
Imo i do not think it is a big deal. If your car is running well with no problems, then i say: spend you money how you please. Cars are a big deal to some people, and not such a big deal to others. The same as handbags. I wouldn't think it unusual, but a lot of other people would.


Jul 20, 2008
Not a big deal at all! You don't have to have a BMW and LEXUS to carry an LV lol Now if you had rust bucket and your rims cost more than your LV, I would suggest re-examining lol

I have a Chevrolet 2007 Cobalt, not exactly the fanciest or sportiest car lol but it looks nice, saves on gas so I can afford LV lol and gets me to where I need to go!!



drive LV
Jul 9, 2008
Detroit, Michigan
Your car your business. I do not care what you drive. Now if it was a 10,000 bag I would be like whoa....Most people do not know bags. Saturday my brother called my mothers Tand B large cleas her ysl thing. He makes very good money and he is clueless like most people.


Apr 4, 2008
No problem at all. Everyone's priorities are different! takes much less time to save up for a designer handbag then it does to get a luxury it makes sense that you might get the handbag first.