LV and fur combination

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    Hi, I stole this idea from Hermes forum and after failing to find a similar thread here, I decided to start one.I know many people could do wonderful combination with their beloved LV bags I not so much with fur, so I hope you could share yours here.:biggrin:

    MODERATOR NOTE: this is a showcase thread. Discussions of the ethics of fur are Off Topic and will be removed. Thank you!
  2. First to post:biggrin: with my new speedy b 35

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  3. Matching white fur hat and stole ..more like a neck warmer:smile:

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  4. Wow...great pics!...never get to see this in hawaii...maybe the stole....I love love the tatami mat flooring......
  5. Aloha! Thank you:biggrin:

  6. Great thread idea!
    I could have posted lots of pics if it was started months ago as we had a FREEZING cold winter here, but alas it is just warming up now so no more fur for me until next winter!!!

  7. I think looks great!
    I love matching white fur and hat too!!
  8. I disagree with wearing fur too but each to their own. This is a forum, filled with people of different ages, from all over the world and from all walks of life. I think it is fair to say that we will all have different views. If you disagree with wearing fur then I would politely suggest that you do not look at or read this thread.
    This should be here for those who do wear fur to share their pictures. It should not be removed because some people have views that differ...

    OP, you look lovely. Sorry that this thread has taken a negative turn so early on. Hopefully there will soon be some more helpful contributions
  9. Thank you, in the beginning Hermes forum also received negative feedbacks but since leathers and furs are both from animals, so if leather bags are acceptable, so are furs.

  10. I hope to see you soon.

  11. But your disagreement is off topic. This topic is not about the mistreatment of animals it's about posting pics of you wearing fur and LV. It's like going on the OOTD thread and going off on a tangent. It's not tolerated there and this OP's thread should be allowed without the judgment and soapbox grandstanding. It's simply NOT the topic of the thread.
  12. Love your coat and DA, you wear it well. I wouldn't think to pair those together cuz everyone always says DA is a summer material. :tup:

    I don't have pics but I usually wear either my Electric Epi Brea or Fuchsia Epi Alma with my fox fur wrap or one of my chinchilla/cashmere coats. I think it looks chic.
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    This is NOT a fur discussion thread. I am sorry, I know there are VERY strong feelings about fur, however this is a fashion forum and there will be threads like this showcasing fur.

    Those who disagree with the use of fur in fashion will need to step away from these threads.

    This thread is about showcasing LV and fur. Discussion of the ethics of fur is Off Topic and these posts were removed.

    Again, I am sorry. I know many of us have strong feelings about fur but this is not the place to discuss them.
  14. I think it looks lovely on you, op.
  15. There's very little fur that I wear, just a scarf and earmuffs for the insanely cold days (if I hear 'polar vortex' one more time I think I'll freak), but I do have something else of 'fur', actually sharing the shelving units with my bags.

    A friend of mine used to make and sell stuffed bears made from 'recycled' mink stoles/coats/collars/etc. That is, items that were no longer 'in fashion', often from the 60s/70s/80s, and were therefore landing on the 2nd hand market. I got quite good at spotting real vs. faux, as well as the different types of furs both within the weasel family (mink/marten/sable/ermine/fischer) and other types. I used to help her find and procure these 'pre-loved' stoles/coats from consignment shops, vintage shops, even Goodwill. As a result, I have about 100 jointed, stuffed teddybears that she gave me. They actually share the shelving with my various bags, minus a few that daughter has moved to her room. Does that count? ;)