LV and Fashion scoop from KOREA!

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  1. Hi all!

    Just wanted to drop a quick message @ the forum...I'm with a tour so we really don't have tons of free time. My boyfriend & I had to make great efforts to find an adaptor for his laptop electric plug (it's 220V over here in Korea), ugh!

    Anyway...I'll start off with the LV here!
    At the airport, I was around a lot of Korean women (obviously, since the flight was going to Korea...) and I saw SO many different LVs! In the waiting area, I saw Aurelia MM, at least 4-5 mono Speedys, a mono Keepall, a black MC Keepall, 2 or 3 Damier Speedys, Damier Ribera, Damier Nolita, Damier seems like the Korean girls I saw didn't care much about their bags at all; they definitely weren't as careful with their bags as I am!

    After arriving in Korea, I didn't spot as many LV bags as when I was in the airport (in the same time span, at least) probably because here the girls carry a wider variety of bags here. I see a lot of Gucci, Coach, Prada, Dior, and some Chloe and Balenciaga as well (no Hermes yet...but there was an Hermes store in the Vancouver airport!!). Today I saw MANY mono Speedys, Damier Speedy, Mono Ellipse, two MC Speedys, Azur Speedy...

    I think I've seen AT LEAST 20 mono Speedys; that is definitely the most popular bag here!

    As far as fashion goes, most of the girls here are VERY well dressed. They all have their own unique sense of fashion and don't seem to follow trends very much. I went on a hike today and there were girls wearing 3 inch heels! :wtf: Don't know how they do it. I was wearing black flats.

    Anyways, just wanted to drop by to say hello...I'll be in Hong Kong in two days, hopefully I'll be able to visit more often after that!!
  2. Enjoy yourself, Karman!;)
  3. thanks for the update Karman!
  4. Enjoy yourself ! it sounds like your having a fantastic time :smile:
  5. Hope you are havin a good time!!
  6. Thanks for the update! Enjoy yourself!
  7. Wow, that's a lot of LV sighting in the airpot, how fun!! ~ sounds like you are having great time!!
    Thanks for the post and enjoy your trip!!
  8. Lovely to hear from you Karman! Look forward to your update in HK :smile:
  9. Thnkx for the update. Sounds like and LV palooza. Have fun in HK.
  10. Sounds so cool!

    Like everytime I go to Taipei.

    Gosh, I cant wait!
  11. hiking in three inch heels?
    seems like something i would do!
  12. sounds great over there! Make sure you bring back some goodies to show us all! xx
  13. Sounds like your having fun! Have a great time!!
  14. have fun my dear!
  15. Keep us updated. Love korean fashion.