LV and fake sellers...???

  1. I was at LV the other day and this lady put a fake bag into another shopping bag before going to LV, I was going in at the same time. Then she went to the counter... I was looking around then my SA came and helped me, we went to a counter right by the lady who put her fake bag in a shopping bag and the SA that was helping her asked her name looked on the computer and looked at her really weird, she looked at a few things and told the SA to call her when her bag was in. The the SA that was helping her came over and commented the items I was looking at and said to my SA she was a faker... I told them about her putting th fake bag into a shopping bag before she came in and the SA that helped her said she sould fakes on the internet. :confused1: She left and I purchased my item and left as well.

    Does LV keep track of people who sell fakes? Like, if they close and auction that was selling fakes, do they keep the persons infor in thier comupter on file??? I didn't think they could do that, or was this SA just jumping to conclusions?:confused1:

    Does anyone know anything about this???:confused1:
  2. ^ I know that in France, if she put her fake bag on the counter or walked in with it, the LV staff would've had the right to ask her to forfeit the bag and then cut it up in the backroom. They're totally kicking @$$ in France against fakes! :yes:
  3. ^^^ wow you serious! Yeh but is anyone that stupid to walk into LV with a fake bag? Do they think the SAs wont know!
  4. Woah!
    That's INSANE.
    Why don't they do something about it?
  5. I dont know!! WOW!! that sounds really crazy!! IMO...........
  6. I don't understand, what's her motive to go into an LV boutique with a fake LV bag?

  7. I've seen lots of people in LV with fake bags
  8. Yup... I've seen quite a few people as well with fake bags just walk into LV as if they're flaunting the real deal. :rolleyes:
  9. Why carry fake if she can afford real? how confusing!
  10. wow that crazy..If it was a fake then it should have been confiscated.
  11. this store is werid, whats going on. she has fake but walks into an LV store? crazy
  12. wow!! It sounds like they are! :yes:
  13. they take peoples purses! maybe some people honestly don't know and paid a lot of money for their bag! i just don't think that's right. fake or not it's that persons personal property.
  14. wow...probably just to also keep tabs on what she's looking at and what she might to try to pass off as real on the computer in relation to the authentic goods
  15. Yeah same here. The other day I saw a mom with a fake MC Speedy and the daughter with a fake Vive Cite GM and they were looking at some of the Pomme vernis stuff.