lv and discounts?!

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  1. my cousin's friend told me she got 10% off her purchase at lv in bloomie's during the grand opening.. my question is FO REAL?! is there really a 10% discount even if there was a grand opeing at LV?!
  2. Maybe she open a new acct. at bloomie's and for new acct. you usually get pretty much eveything off on your first day of purchase.
  3. Yeah we got a 15% off shopping pass for most of our stuff that day too. No LV in our new one, but most brand name items, with some exclusions like the premium denims etc. were included in the sale. So the shopping pass got you 15% off and opening a new account got you 10% off. :smile:
  4. wow!
  5. i'm sooooo MAD! i was there too, and i bought my mini lin a day after !
  6. the idea applies for basically any dept store that has a LV subtique in it. opening a dept store credit card will grant you anywhere from 10-15% (sometimes 20% for specials/etc) for like 1-3 days.
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