LV and copyright question

  1. I think this question is probably one for the lawyers on the forum...:p

    Does anyone know what the actual copyright issues are with LV? I'll try to explain what I mean. Of the situations occuring below, I don't know what are copyright infringements and what are not. Also if the copyright infringement only occurs if the situations listed below are used to make moeny.

    1. If someone uses LV material to make an object that is not manufactured by the sudden weird items such as mono covered chairs that appear on eBay, made out of old LV bags.

    2. If someone uses a LV pattern like mono or damier as a background for a myspace page.

    3. If someone uses any sort of mono/damier/MC print as a personal signature or avatar...not a bag, just the print.

    4. Clothes/bags in designs that are never manufactured by LV, with the mono/damier/mc etc print.
  2. Most all of them are infringements, actually..pretty much anything that isn't authorized to use LV's patterns constitutes as copyright infringement. I'm sure there some exceptions though of course...not many though. I think the signatures on the forums thing might be a bit different though because it's personal use and no monetary gain can come of it, unless you're selling the signature icons or avatars. In that case, it's illegal.
  3. :yes:
  4. ya - i was wondering about that too
  5. It varies depending on which jurisdiction you take into account as well. In regards to #3, For example, in New Zealand, the photographer of any artwork is the copyright holder/owner therefore if you use a picture that wasn't taken by you (and you don't have permission to use it) then you are breaching copyright.