LV Amour Scarf NEW!

  1. Look what I found on LV website:


    I must have this!
  2. OOH! I want!
  3. so cute!
  4. OMG! It's too cute. Why do you have to touture me like this? With all this valentine's accessories, I need to start selling my blood so I can buy all these cutesy stuffs.
  5. does anyone know how much?
  6. I :heart: it.....
  7. It hasn't been released yet but will be verrrrry soon! I just caled my SA.
  8. So cute!
  9. :heart: it! It would look great tied through my red epi petit noe...hmmmm....:graucho:
  10. I would guess it will be about $200, based on the price of my other bandeaus.
  11. I love it!
  12. aaw... so cute :smile:
    it'll look great along the heart MC cles i just saw IRL yesterday :drool:
  13. aaaw how cute, i want that!
  14. Oh my. I need that. I'm calling my store to ask about it right now :lol:
  15. Ohhh that is so cute!!! I wish I wore bandanas/scarves