LV Amfar - anyone here has this style?

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Amfar 3 -- Sell or Keep/Use it?

  1. Sell

  2. Keep/use it

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  1. Hi,

    'just want to get your advice -- I bought an LV AMFAR 3 a year ago and haven't used it yet. I'm thinking of whether I should sell it (at a lower price, even if i haven't used it yet:cry: ) or just use it.:P

    The reason I bought it was because it was really roomy and will be great during travelling. But I've had several out-of-the-country trips already since I bought it, but haven't gotten around to bringing it along with me yet. It doesn't seem to be a very common

    Anyone here who has an AMFAR 3 as well -- 'need to get insights on how 'useful' it has been for you :smile:...
  2. I have it and I LOVE it! It's so big but I love big bags! A lot of people use them as diaper bags- from descriptions I've read on ebay. I like that I never see anyone else with it. I think it's unique. If you don't use it then sell it- that's what I would do. If I buy a bag and I just haven't used it then I would sell it- then you can have some money to buy another bag that you will get use out of! I love that it has all those pockets inside too.
  3. Any pics?
  4. hi zacorey,

    thanks! great to hear that someone (other than me) has this style :smile:....i was beginning to wonder if i made a mistake of buying this bag instead of the Speedy or the Papillon. when i bought this i did intend to use this as a diaper bag -- it's also great for travelling. aside from this buying this bag, in a way, made me help the AMFAR (AIDS foundation) :smile:.

    after i read your reply, i opened my closet, took out the bag from its dust bag and carried it on my shoulder....and i fell in love with it all over again :smile:....i think i'll just keep it for now and start using it already (!) :smile:...i can always sell it later if the 'magic' fades away again...

    i'll post a pic soon -- 'still figuring out how to do it ;)
  5. Wow, I just looked at one of these on ebay and they are really
    cute..I love the shape and the easy access to get in! You all are very lucky to have one..I assume stores do not sell them anymore..right?:love:
  6. Nice bag!
  7. LV stores still sell the AMFAR but most of the time they don't have it on hand. You have to order and wait 2 weeks to get it. That's how long it took me to get mine :biggrin:

    I'm beginning to see and appreciate again the beauty of this bag -- thanks to all of you :smile:
  8. Hi Goldengirl!

    I'm glad you are using it! It's my all time favorite bag! I had to buy mine on ebay b/c I called LV store and they were completely sold out- not 1 left in the US. They told me I couldn't get this bag. I didn't ask about a special order- don't know if they would do it on a special order? I would consider buying another so when mine gets old I can have a new one! I know LV lasts many years but I like the light patina!
  9. hi zacorey!

    i didn't special order my AMFAR, they had 1 stock left in the boutique but the leather trims have darkened a bit already. like you, i want the light patina :biggrin:, so I asked them if they could get me a new stock.

    i guess they didn't make a lot of these styles (not even included in the LV website or eluxury), but i'm sure if you buy 1 from the boutique, you'll be able to get 1 brand new light patina AMFAR :smile:

    mine is still very light because i haven't used it yet --but will do soon!!!

    take care! :smile:
  10. I have the AMfar. It's very roomy. I can practically 'dump' all my stuff in there. Keep it.
  11. I'd keep it. You may find a use for it. I really want the trunk one.
  12. Keep it AND use it! It's cute!:yes:
  13. Sell and get another that you will use.