LV Amarante Knee High Boots to be released! More bag styles as well

  1. Just spoke with Vuitton and Knee high wedge heel Amarante boots will be introduced in 2-3 weeks. They will feature a thin strap across the top of the boot, just like the vernis line. Retail $ 1150.00

    Also~ Sunset is permanent, there was some confusion as to this earlier.

    New Vernis Amarante bag styles will also be introduced as well.
  2. :drool: omg dont tell me i am going to want my first pair of LV shoes now lol this is getting outta hand.
  3. I loved that new Summit bowling bag!
  4. more after the sunset, rosewood and summit?

  5. that's what i was wondering too (there is also a vanity case)
  6. i saw the case in the new voyage book. beautiful but i do not have a use. im just trying to figure out if there's something other than the reade pm that i would like better in amarante.
  7. SA didn't mention anything about new styles. He did say that the Rosewood & Bedford in Amarante won't be out until July.
  8. anyone gots pics?

  9. oooo can you post pics? any idea of price?
  10. ooh! those boots sound cute! im excited to see them!
  11. I actually saw the boots at the Beverly Center like last week and they were cute but the fingerprints that were left was like OMG. I don't think I could handle it.
  12. They sound really cute! Pics, anyone?
  13. Amarante boots you say??? :nuts:
  14. but how often do you touch them after you get them on, KWIM?
  15. I have no other information except what 866-vuitton told me...wish I did though!:yes: