LV alma vs. Novak

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  1. If you guys were to rate one over the other, which would you rate more beautiful and classier looking? I'm considering getting one of these, but not sure yet. Anyways, they both are nice....but I would only get one...for now!

    could I hear your votes for either the LV alma or Novak....


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  2. Novak, but it's significantly more expensive isn't it ?
  3. medium novak-1060?
    lv alma-970, plus another 100 (approx) for detachable shoulder strap
  4. I like the small novak...I can't really get over the medium novak since my fiance said it look like a big beetle back! plus, he said the medium kinda reminded him of a ladybug!!!
  5. The novak seems more unique but the alma is a classic. tough decision!
  6. Oh wow, I did not know.. eBay has pretty much destroyed my concept of Louis Vuitton pricing ! :shame:

    For that price difference between the new bags, I would definately go out and get a Novak.. probably the smaller size though, since large bags are in now, but that's not forever.
  7. Novak!

  8. Maybe you are thinking of the regular alma pricing, that is only 795, but the epi leather is more at 970.
  9. my thoughts exactly! think novak will be classic? I love both! I do like that the LV has shoulder strap option....

  10. I would rather have the Novak; I think it's every bit as classy as the Alma but more interesting. The beauty of the bag makes it a to-be classic I think.
  11. thats what i heard.....anyone know anything about the interior of the novak....I know lv is suede inside.

    Croco. style is soooo beautful....too bad price is way, WAY out there!!!

  12. Novak hands down!
  13. aghhhh, I keep obssessing....this is one I've really been rolling around in my head....I really think I''m going nuts.
  14. The one's on the left, hands down. I like the texture, colors, shape, etc. much better.
  15. I would choose the LV if your not going for the crocodile. :lol:
    Seriously, I love the novak but the leather on it won't last as long as the Epi. The LV is way more timeless for me, it's not as similar to a bowling bag.

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